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NYU Logistics and Distribution Services
547 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012

Logistics and Distribution Services Staff

Director Al DiMauro Ext. 81011
Assistant Manager/Lan Admin Edgar Castro Ext. 81014
Supervisor - Mail Processing Anthony De Jesus Ext. 81095
Assistant Manager - Client Services Jim Gibby Ext. 81057
Lobby Service Operations James Sonera
  Gerard Conte
Administrative Coordinator Jose Escobar III
Drivers Neal Henderson
  Marven Tom
  Justin Hazan
  Andre Gomez
Mail Production Staff Mohamed D. Hossain
  Eric Riddick
  John K. John
  Jose Torres
  Larry Goldstein
  Lee Miller
  Jose Mendez
  Jose Perez
  Tracey Benjamin

Edmond Monchais

Outgoing Mail Department Israel Rodriguez, Outgoing Mail Clerk
  Matthew Alfieri, Outgoing Mail Clerk