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NYU Logistics and Distribution Services SUSTAINABILITY

Are you receivng mail that goes right in the trash without giving it a once over?
Still getting junk mail for those who are no longer part of the nyu community?

If you answered yes to either question, you can put a stop to this and help support the nyu sustainability effort. By doing so, you help to accomplish the following results:

  1. Reduce receipt, mail processing & delivery of unwanted mail to the nyu community
  2. Update direct mailers mailing lists to eliminate the print & postage of correspondence being discarded


  1. Reduce solid waste trash recycling which ends up in local landfills
  2. Reduce the amount of trees consumed in producing undeliverable and/or unwanted printed material

Please print out this pdf form and attach the original mailing address label of the unwanted mail to it.  Complete the form accordingly and mail it back to the mailer/shipper of any unwanted correspondence received.

You also have the option to update recipient or address information for any correspondence received. It is recommended that the “do not place my address on any mailing lists” be selected when mailing back the form to mailers.

*** This form can be used for residential correspondence as well.

 For additional ways to remove your name from mailing lists click on: dma choice - consumer assistance   (http://www.dmachoice.org/dma/member/home.action)or www.dmachoice.org

Please contact nyu mail services at extension 8-1010 for any information or assistance needed with mail/shipping questions.