A crowded Tube car.

One of the best parts of living in London is the opportunity to travel around Europe - the city is a hub for cheap flights and between Fall or Spring Break, long weekends with friends and travel after the semester is over, you'll be sure to leave NYU London as a seasoned traveller - just don't miss out on everything the UK has to offer as well!

Planning Your Trip

It is a good idea to have an idea of the sites you want to visit, as well as things you want to do during your trip. Do some research on travel blogs and communities. You should ask friends and family who have traveled before about places they enjoyed the most. Read through site-specific guide books like Lonely Planet, Let's Go, Rough Guide, Rick Steves, or Frommers.

Although you will want to book all travel as far in advance as possible, you should not book any trips until after the first week of classes, as you may find that there are already NYU sponsored trips in place.

Last Minute Tips

  • Inform someone (your parents, the school, a friend) of your travel plans in case of emergency - NYU Traveler is a very valuable tool.
  • Make sure you have more than one source of money (e.g. cash and a credit card, or two credit cards)
  • Make a copy of your Passport and a credit card and pack these to bring along with you, along with email confirmations of all reservations and arrangements you have made.
  • Write down the address of your destination to show to a local if you need help. Also, print out directions of how to get to that location.
  • Wi-Fi is your friend! Your NYU login will get you free Wi-Fi at most universities in Europe, so they are always good if you need to stop and check directions, or quickly translate a word that's got you stumped.