NYU London is committed to providing the very highest quality of higher education to its students. Its task is made easier by the large pool of distinguished faculty in the University of London and other London colleges from which it can draw its teachers. NYU London is truly a university in microcosm, offering courses in science, social science, humanities, fine arts, business, and teacher education.

The pastoral care provided for students is exceptional. The site has a close relationship with a private clinic, which all students can access using their GeoBlue health insurance. Detailed handouts with healthcare information are given at the start of the semester, and students can call the 24/7 duty phone for assistance with making appointments.

NYU London has an on-site counsellor and is well equipped to find additional counselling and psychotherapy help for students in need. Four NYU London staff are specialists in student life issues and manage both the day-to-day problems students face as well as the crisis situations that can arise from time to time.

Back-up support at NYU in New York for both physical and mental health is always available and allows us to offer a complete support service for student needs in every respect.


The objectives of NYU London are to provide both research-led undergraduate education of the highest possible quality, and the opportunity to experience a foreign, English-language, but culturally diverse society.

These objectives are to be met in a study abroad programme which extends beyond the classroom. NYU London recognises that such a context is educationally most effective when it combines experimental and formal learning in an integrated way.

It aims for its course offerings to be of a similar standard available at NYU in Washington Square, and engages faculty from UK Universities to provide research-led, taught courses in their respective fields of expertise. It also aims to provide wide-ranging co-curricular activities which compliment students’ coursework, as well as enhancing their understanding of the society and culture in which they are staying.

The overriding ethos of NYU London is to provide high quality education, rivalling the best in the US, albeit offered in a foreign country, but combined with the advantages that being based in a foreign country and culture brings in terms of a widened experience.