Fall Application Deadlines

Priority: February 15
Regular: March 15

Director's Statement

You will come to London expecting to immerse yourself in its bustling and vibrant present-day life. But, to your excitement, you'll find that traces of the city's complex past appear on practically every corner. You will discover that two thousand years of history are sedimented into its built environment and collective memory. Once you are here, try the following experiment. Stand on one of the bridges that cross the River Thames. Look westwards towards the ornate Victorian Gothic of the Houses of Parliament. Turn eastwards towards the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, constructed after the Great Fire of 1666, and then look further downstream to the Tower of London, an austere fortress built by the Norman forces of William the Conqueror in 1078. Remember Marlow, the narrator of Heart of Darkness (1899), Joseph Conrad's chilling novella about the brutality of all empires (not least the British Empire). Waiting for the tide aboard a boat on the Thames, Marlow tries to imagine the thoughts and feelings of a Roman sailor or citizen who came up this river just after the establishment of Londinium in year 43 of the Common Era. Now ask yourself this: what are you thinking and feeling in twenty-first century London in the Age of Brexit?

Located in a gracious Georgian garden square, NYU London sits next to the British Museum in Bloomsbury, the heart of academic London. Our site has both a dedicated professional staff for your care and support and a distinguished faculty to deliver a wide range of acclaimed courses. Wherever possible, your time in the classroom is enhanced and extended by co-curricular activities, such as theatre visits and trips to galleries and places of architectural interest. Other courses may take you further afield: our biology students investigate an important ecological project in south-west England, while those enrolled in the "History of British Slavery" explore the city of Bristol, Britain's largest slaving port in the mid-eighteenth century.

As a NYU London student, you automatically have access to the University of London's main library and become a member of the student union of University College London. This entitles you to join a wide array of clubs and associations, helping to extend your friendship circles beyond NYU. Our Student Life team also offers a comprehensive program of activities and excursions so that you can attend London's football matches, musicals, comedy nights, and exhibitions and visit other regions and cities across the nation. We also encourage you to become more deeply involved in British and European life by performing voluntary work in worthy projects both in and outside your new capital city. All in all, we aim to give you the opportunity for a life-changing experience – an experience that will challenge you academically and enrich your sense of the world and your place in it.

Catherine Robson, Professor
Department of English, NYU
Director of NYU London
Editor, The Victorian Age, The Norton Anthology of English Literature
Catherine Robson, Director of NYU London

Catherine Robson, Director of NYU London