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Routes and Schedules

Reading a Timetable

Timetables show when a bus will arrive at each stop along the route.

  1. Find the heading for your departure point (make sure you have the correct timetable, direction and time of travel).
  2. Look down the column under your departure heading to find the time you will need to be at the bus stop.
  3. Locate the heading for your destination.
  4. Read across from your departure time to determine your arrival time.
  5. If you need to transfer, follow the same steps for the second route. (Your destination point on the first route will be your departure point on the second route).
  6. If you want to reach a destination by a specific time, it may be easier to work backwards. In other words, find the arrival time you want for your destination first; then reverse the process to find the time you should be at the first stop to begin your trip.