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Passenger Information

University Transportation Services provide safe, free transportation to all students, faculty, administrators, alumni and staff through the Department of Public Safety.

Our bus system operates seven scheduled routes which connect the Washington Square main campus with Residence Halls, 1st Avenue Medical Corridor, and Tandon School of Engineering. The system generally operates during the fall and spring semesters when classes are in session from 7:30 a.m. to 12 midnight on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 12 midnight on weekends.

Free overnight Safe Ride Van Service is provided 7 Days Per Week when fall and spring semester classes are in session. Safe Ride is a shared ride, on demand van service, intended to provide safe overnight transportation to and from NYU facilities. 

A valid NYU ID, Langone ID, or Alumni card is required to board any campus transportation vehicle, and it must be presented to the bus or van operator when boarding. Bus passes are available for guests from residence hall managers or the Department of Public Safety Office at 7 Washington Place.

Please do not eat or drink while on board any vehicle.

Vehicles will pick up and drop off passengers at designated stops only. Drivers are not permitted to allow passengers to board after the door has been closed at a bus stop. This rule is for our passengers’ safety.

Scheduled times may be printed from the Department of Public Safety website at Departure as listed within all timetables are approximate, and due to New York City traffic congestion, your trip may be delayed. Please plan your trip accordingly and allow for sufficient time when riding University Transportation vehicles. Your patience is appreciated when delays occur, and University Transportation apologizes for any such delays that you may encounter.

Persons with Disabilities

New York University's Office of Public Safety is committed to providing quality campus transportation services to all members of the NYU community. For individuals with physical disabilities, every bus and trolley operated on our scheduled routes is accessible.

Passengers who require an accessible Safe Ride van should clearly state the need for such an accommodation when requesting Safe Ride service. There is always at least one accessible van in service during Safe Ride operating hours.

If you are a person with a disability using our service for the first time, do not hesitate to identify yourself as such, as this will help the bus and van operators to better serve you.

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure that you are at the proper bus stop to catch the bus you need.
  • As the bus approaches your stop, be sure it is the correct bus before you try to board. Each NYU shuttle bus has a destination sign over the windshield displaying the route name and number. The bus may also display a card sign in the lower windshield area, which further describes its destination.
  • If you require the wheelchair lift to board, please wait until other passengers have boarded and alighted. Position your wheelchair at least four feet back from the curb, since the lift platform or ramp will extend approximately 18 inches from the curb. Please listen and carefully follow any instructions given by the driver.
  • If using wheelchair-lift equipment, roll your chair forward onto the lift when the driver lowers the platform. Lock your wheelchair brakes. Once your chair is securely on the platform, the driver will activate a safety barrier to prevent your chair from rolling backward off the lift.
  • Once the lift has been activated, you will be raised to the level of the bus floor, where you can unlock your brakes and move off the lift.
  • As you board the bus, please tell the bus operator the location where you want to alight. This will allow the bus operator to properly position the bus at your destination.
  • Your wheelchair must be properly secured and brakes set before the driver will move the bus. A seat belt is also provided as an added securement measure. Please let the bus operator know if you need additional assistance.
  • At your destination, the bus operator will deploy the lift and activate the safety barrier. Carefully roll your chair onto the lift facing out and lock your brakes. When the lift reaches the ground, the safety barrier will lower and you will be able to wheel away from the lift.