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NYU Traveler FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about NYU Traveler, it's travel safety services, and associated travel online booking services.

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General Questions
About NYU Traveler

We created NYU Traveler as a tool to enhance the safety of students, faculty, administrators, and staff traveling on University-related business. When you book or register through NYU Traveler, NYU will automatically alert the individual traveler to dangerous conditions that may have emerged where he or she will be traveling, and will automatically alert the University to emergencies, allowing it to move more rapidly to assist members of the NYU community.

NYU has a special responsibility for the welfare of its undergraduate students, so if you are a faculty member, student, administrator, or staff-member participating in or accompanying an NYU trip involving undergraduates, then you and all participants in the trip must use NYU Traveler, either to book your trip or to register your travel arrangements.

Apart from these circumstances, the use of NYU Traveler will be voluntary for faculty, doctoral students, post-docs, and researchers. For administrators, unit heads will determine whether the use of NYU Traveler will be mandatory or voluntary.

Choice was an important precept as we created NYU Traveler. When you use NYU Traveler, you have the choice of booking your arrangements with Egencia or using any travel agency you wish and registering your travel arrangements directly with the NYU Self Registration Travel Form (however, by using Egencia on the NYU Traveler site, you can save yourself that extra step of registering your travel plans with NYU Traveler - it’s done automatically). To access Egencia, simply enter your NYU Net ID and password by using the link on the NYU Traveler landing page.

The NYU Global Travel Team may be contacted at to schedule trainings. The user guides for Egencia may also assist you in your search for answers or general information. For assistance on how to use the NYU Self Registration Travel Form, please check out the SRTF Instructions Sheet.

If you are a NET ID holder, you may book travel for a non-NYU individual (i.e.: spouse, partner, guest speaker) through Egencia. To gain access to an NYU Guest Account, please contact the NYU Global Travel Team at at

We chose Egencia because they are proven: they are widely used by other universities and businesses for their travel programs; their on-line booking technology is intuitive; they have 24/7 customer service, including by phone; and we were able to work with them to automatically forward travel plan information to our travel safety service.

It's fine to go ahead and use him or her; it’s still perfectly compatible with NYU Traveler. After you book your travel arrangements with your agent, just go to the NYU Traveler site and register your information before you travel. However, if you use Egencia to book your travel, you will save yourself a step because reservations made via these two agencies are automatically forwarded to the traveler safety tool..

For the purpose of using NYU Traveler, “travel” is defined as air travel (domestic or international), travel by major rail (Amtrak or EuroRail), a hotel stay, or car rental.

If you book through Egencia on the NYU Traveler site, you will receive two e-mails: a confirmation of your itinerary from Egencia, and a confirmation e-mail from NYU Traveler.

If you have booked your travel though an outside agency, and registered your travel through the NYU Self Registration Travel Form, you will receive one e-mail: the confirmation e-mail from NYU Traveler. This e-mail will contain a link to review your submitted itinerary. It is important to click on the link and review your itinerary as this will enable you to update your previously registered travel plans should the need arise.

Subsequently, regardless of how you booked your travel, NYU Traveler or NYU's Office of Public Safety will alert you with follow-up e-mails if there are any current or emerging threats or safety risks in the area you are traveling to.

In addition, if you are traveling to a country that is designated as particularly dangerous, NYU's Office of Public Safety will reach out to you directly to discuss your safety and necessary provisions for your safe travel.

The NYU Self Registration Travel Form is a service created to help protect the individual traveler. Travel security issues became acute for the University during the earthquake in Haiti and the uprisings in Egypt, where evacuation of NYU personnel was made more difficult and time-consuming by the absence of precise travel information. The privacy of NYU community members is important to us: your travel plan information is held safely and securely; it will only be accessed if there is an emergency or a serious threat, and then only by the senior leadership of NYU's Department of Public Safety.



  1. Once on the Egencia homepage, click your name in the top right-hand corner of the page, and then click 'Profile'.
  2. In the "Travel Arranging & Approval" row, click "My travelers" found under the header 'Travel Arranging'.
  3. Enter the NYU traveler's name in which you would like to arrange for and click "Add".  (Only faculty, staff, and active students can be found in the system).
  4. An email request will be generated to the traveler for them to approve your request to be their arranger.
  5. Once you have received their approval, you can find their name on the drop-down list titled "Choose a traveler" on your Egencia home page.
  6. Once you have selected their account, it will be noted in the top, left-hand corner that you are now arranging travel for another person, as opposed to booking for yourself.  

You must first be given access to an Egencia guest account.  Please send your request for a departmental guest account to  Once you have been given access, the Global Travel Team will follow up with detailed instructions on how to book travel using your new guest account.

Note: guest accounts should only be used to book travel for non-netID holders.

We encourage all bookings to be made online, but if you wish, you may call 877-613-4284 to speak with an Egencia agent. You can enter an existing itinerary number for support on any changes you may need to make to your plans, or you can create a new itinerary with the agent.


Egencia has access to all published airfares, and will provide the lowest fare inventory available for the class of service requested at the time of booking unless instructed that a less restrictive ticket is needed. When a lower fare is found for the same flight through a different booking source such as an airline website, it is most often because the inventory was available at the moment of the search. Therefore, there may be times when another site or travel agent quotes a lower cost. Should you prefer to book your reservations through another website or agency, it's not a problem: afterwards, you can go to NYU Traveler and register your travel info. 

  • First, make sure that you are logging in to Egencia via the NYU Traveler portal page.  Egencia can only be accessed through this portal.
  • Contact the NYU Global Travel Team if you are still experiencing issues.

Egencia traveler groups offer oversight over your department's travel activity.  Approval work flows, central billing options, travel policies, and notification settings are all available to help manage your team and control travel expenses.

Please contact the Global Travel Team at to request assistance with setting up a traveler group.

Group Travel

No, as a school or site administrator you will receive training on how to upload travelers to your moderated programs. If you require additional training please contact the Office of the Provost to schedule a training session.


Accessing NYU Traveler

Go to

Anyone can access the NYU Traveler landing page.  However, in order to book a reservation with Egencia, or to register a trip with the trip registration tool, an NYU Net ID is required. 


NYU Self Registration Travel Form

As indicated above, if you booked your travel plans outside of Egencia, we encourage you to register your travel plans by clicking the REGISTER button on the NYU Traveler homepage. If you book your travel plans through Egencia, your plans are automatically passed to NYU Traveler. If you are a participant in NYU travel involving undergraduates, you are required to either book or register through NYU Traveler.

No. If you booked your travel online with Egencia, or by calling an agent, your travel plans have automatically been passed to NYU Traveler for safety and security purposes and you need not do anything further.

No. If you booked your travel online with Egencia, or by calling an agent, and subsequently changed your travel plans, the changes have automatically been passed to NYU Traveler for safety and security purposes.

Go to NYU Traveler and click on "REGISTER" and then "UPDATE."Using your NYU Home credentials, you can now log into the NYU Traveler web application and are then directed to your NYU Traveler home page where you can review and update your travel.

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  • Have questions about travel booking, travel arranging, NYU preferred suppliers, or student group travel? Email the Global Travel Team at
  • Have questions about the trip registration tool or are you experiencing any technical difficulties? Please contact the NYU IT Service Desk.
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