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NYU's relationship with AMEX/Concur will be ending December 10, 2015

As of 12/10/15, NYU’s relationship with American Express Global Business Travel will be terminated. Therefore, the Concur travel booking tool that is found on the NYU Traveler site will no longer be available for use by the NYU community in their travel booking needs.  Going forward, Egencia will be the sole preferred travel booking tool for NYU.

The decision to terminate the relationship with AMEX was made for several reasons.

  • We found that having both Concur and Egencia duplicated the travel booking effort, with no added value to the university.
  • Channeling the university’s travel activity into one booking tool will offer us the chance to consolidate all travel data into one source. This will increase our negotiating power with key travel suppliers down the line, thus offering the chance for greater travel discounts for the NYU community.
  • The proof that NYU travelers prefer Egencia over Concur is in the numbers: this past year, NYU travel activity between the two booking tools was 81% Egencia, 19% Concur.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, we would like to encourage you to check your AMEX/Concur travel profile and to note any frequent traveler account numbers that you may have stored in there, or any other pertinent profile information.

If you  have a pending itinerary booked through AMEX/Concur:

  • Your upcoming trip or reservation will remain confirmed. However, after December 10, 2015 if you need to access information, modify, or cancel your trip; you need to do so by contacting the travel vendor you are confirmed with directly, i.e., if you have a Delta Air Lines reservation you will need to contact Delta Air Lines directly for any changes or cancellation.
  • We strongly encourage you to go into your AMEX/Concur profile sometime before December 10, 2015 and to note your reservation confirmation numbers, as well as any pertinent trip information such as departure times, check-in dates, etc.


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