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About NYU Traveler

What Is It?

NYU Traveler is a new, web-based portal that is linked to NYU's travel safety service, Worldcue. All members of the NYU community may utilize the site to either make their travel arrangements or to register the travel plans they made through other means. 


How Does
It Work?

Use your NYU NetID and password to book on-line reservations for air, rail, hotel, or car with either Egencia or American Express Travel. You can also call an agent at Egencia or AMEX Travel via the telephone numbers provided. By using one of these agencies, your travel plans will be automatically connected to Worldcue.


NYU Traveler has been created as a tool to enhance the safety of students, faculty, administrators, and staff traveling on University-related business. When you book or register through NYU Traveler, your travel plans are routed through Worldcue, a traveler safety service with which NYU has contracted. Worldcue will provide each member of the NYU community traveling for University-related reasons with up to the minute information about conditions in his or her destination that may affect personal safety and well-being. Worldcue will also hold all your travel plans so that NYU can more rapidly and effectively respond to you in an emergency, remove you or others from a suddenly dangerous location while abroad, or contact you to advise you on your safety and appropriate arrangements before you travel to a dangerous location.

Learning from the Egypt Experience

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When using NYU Traveler, you have the choice to either book your travel through the site or to register your plans. Choice was an important precept as we created NYU Traveler so, while we have integrated two well-established travel management companies — AMEX Travel and Egencia — into the NYU Traveler website (which will make things more convenient for you: booking with them through the website automatically transmits your travel information to Worldcue).  You can absolutely make your own travel arrangements elsewhere and then register that information through the NYU Traveler site. 

Preferred Online Booking Agencies

The preferred online booking agencies for NYU are AMEX Travel and Egencia. We chose these two firms because they are proven: they are widely used by other universities and businesses for their travel programs; their on-line booking technology is intuitive; they have 24/7 customer service, and we were able to work with them to automatically forward travel plan information to our travel safety service, Worldcue.

Travel Safety Service Provider

Worldcue is a service created to help protect the individual traveler: it analyzes news and information from around the world to identify emerging issues which may be a threat to a traveler going to a particular destination. These issues became acute for the University during the earthquake in Haiti and the uprisings in Egypt, where evacuation of NYU personnel was made more difficult and time-consuming by the absence of precise travel information. NYU’s arrangement with Worldcue is that, after booking or registering through NYU Traveler, automatic e-mail updates will be sent to travelers about changing conditions and threats in their destinations. The privacy of NYU community members is important to us: your travel plan information is held safely and securely; it will only be accessed if there is an emergency or a serious threat, and then only by the senior leadership of NYU’s Department of Public Safety.

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