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NYU Traveler was created to provide the NYU community with tools and services for their travel needs and to help keep them safer. University-related travel may be booked or registered through NYU Traveler.  Only NYU netID holders are eligible for direct access to the NYU Traveler booking and registration tools.

From this site, you can use your NYU NetID and password to book on-line reservations for air, rail, hotel, or car with Egencia (an Expedia company), NYU's preferred travel booking tool. You can also call an agent at Egencia via the telephone number provided above. By booking through Egencia, your travel plans will be automatically registered with the NYU Traveler trip registration tool, which NYU has created to provide you with up-to-the-minute information of potential threats to your safety during your travels, and to enable NYU to get in touch with you to render aid in the event of an emergency.

Choice was an important precept for us in designing this system. Therefore, you can elect to make your NYU-related travel arrangements through other means and then register your travel itinerary manually with NYU Traveler.

See the 'Helpful Links' section found on the right side of this page for FAQ, as well as information on insurance, immunizations, visas, passports, embassies, traveler health, travel advisories, and world culture.  

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NYU Public Safety: +1 212-998-2222

Global Entry

Do you travel frequently, on business, for the University or personal travel? Would you like to reduce the time required to get through TSA lines domestically and immigration lines upon returning from travel abroad?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, enroll today with the Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program!

Through enrollment with the Global Entry program, you will be able to go through US Customs without waiting on line AND you will also be enrolled in TSA pre-check which will allow you to zoom through the TSA screening line at many US airports.  

NYU’s Office of Global Services (OGS) has teamed up with the US Customs and Border Patrol Office to bring a special enrollment event for the Global Entry program onto NYU’s campus in September. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will save a trip to JFK since you will complete the interview here at NYU!

Please carefully review the steps below as they outline the multi-step process that is necessary for you to enroll in the Global Entry Trusted Traveler program.

Global Entry Program Details:

  • Managed by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)
  • Provides access to self-service kiosks for international arrivals, reducing wait time at customs at 45 airports in the US and Canada (including our very own J.F.K. Airport).
  • Open to US citizens, US permanent residents, as well as citizens of India, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Panama, Singapore, Mexico, South Korea and Switzerland.

Special Enrollment Event Details:

Step 1: By August 22 contact OGS by completing this Form to express interest in participating in this event. *NOTE: the interviews are tentatively scheduled to take place on September 22 as long as we have the required number of participants preliminarily approved before this date.

Step 2: By, August 25 complete the online CBP application and pay the $100 application fee. Click here for a Step-by-step Guide to register with GOES and enroll in Global Entry.

Step 3: Receive provisional application approval from CBP which will include your Global Entry Program membership number. You must send your membership number to OGS via email as soon as you receive it, but no later than September 8.

Step 4: During the week of September 11, OGS will send an interview time sign-up form to those individuals who have sent their Provisional Application Numbers to OGS.

Step 5: On September 22 at the time indicated in your confirmation email from OGS, attend a brief interview (approximately ten minutes) with a CBP officer held at NYU (location details will be sent with your interview time confirmation). At this interview, a CBP officer will confirm your eligibility, take your photo, and collect biometric information (e.g. fingerprints).

*NOTE: if all goes well in the interview, you will be enrolled in Global Entry and TSA pre-check that very same day!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the following: Rebecca Lukowski, 212-998-4242, rml412@nyu.edu or Robert Sanford, 212-998-4241, robert.sanford@nyu.edu.

Egencia Mobile App

  • Looking for a mobile solution to your travel booking needs? Please follow the link to read more about Egencia's TripNavigator smartphone application, and feel free to reach out to the NYU Global Travel Team to inquire on how to be set up with the application's login credentials.