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As the largest private university in the United States, our sizable procurement of goods and services is impactful on markets and the environment.

What is Environmentally Friendly Purchasing?

Environmentally Friendly Purchasing refers to the practice of buying products with minimal associated environmental impacts. These products feature minimal packaging, reusability, energy efficiency, recycled content, rebuilt or remanufactured products, and local sourcing. Purchasing decisions should be based on an evaluation of environmental criteria in addition to product performance, price and availability.

About NYU's Purchasing

NYU central administration developed its Environmental Purchasing Policy in 2008. This policy outlines standards for the procurement of goods and services in 13 categories, including the purchase of Energy Star-labeled electronics, appliances, and office equipment. The policy emphasizes life-cycle analysis and minimal ecological impact.

NYU's Office of Sustainability has developed the Green Purchasing Guide to help the NYU community purchase environmentally friendly products.

What is NYU already doing?

  • 75% of all departments and NYU schools purchase recycled paper (the Purchasing Department makes a concerted effort to encourage the departments not currently purchasing recycled paper to start doing so)
  • Staples lists 10,000 green, women-owned and minority- owned business products.
  • NYU Operations use only no or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints for campus projects.
  • The NYU Landscaping Department uses organic fertilizers and sustainable ground care.
  • Half of all NYU office furniture is from Steelcase, noted for environmental efficiency and for its “Cradle to Cradle” certified products.
  • Dining Services buys Fair Trade coffee, recycled napkins and plates, and Aramark now offers a sustainable catering option to departments.
  • The NYU Bookstore encourages the use of reusable bags.

When should you call Asset Management?

Before replacing any piece of furniture, equipment, or electronic appliance, please contact NYU Asset Management at Asset Management does a tremendous job of finding new homes for these items. In fact, many of NYU’s retired computers can now be found in NYC Board of Education public schools!