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Yoga on Campus

In addition to the weekly meditation sessions hosted by the Center for Spiritual Life, we offer a wider selection of guided yoga classes on campus several times a week. 

PLEASE NOTE: Yoga classes WILL proceed as normal during spring break: March 17-22. All meditation classes will be cancelled this week. See you on the mat!




238 Thompson Street, Room 472
With Erica Arce
Luxuriate in a slow rhythmic flow of breath, body, and soul alignment that gradually stokes the inner fire with time for juicy explorations of stretch, strength and letting go. Open flow is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

238 Thompson Street, Room 475
With Jay Karlinski
Kripalu’s approach to yoga practice is unique, integrating the rigor of traditional yoga with an emphasis on the study of consciousness, prana, and meditation in motion. Kripalu yoga empowers one to listen to the body, discovering from one’s own experience what practices support well-being and growth. This class explores yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation. Classes are dynamic and always fresh, continuously challenging the body to respond in new ways.

238 Thompson Street, Room 472
With Jay Karlinski
Take your practice of Yoga to the next level, on and off the mat. In this weekly class, we will dive deep into the inquiry of yoga, examining and playing with posture options to help you find your authentic expression of each posture. Classes will be geared to challenge you on every level. With practice and commitment, you will increase power, balance, focus, concentration, and the ability to observe the self from a place free of judgment. Each week we will explore how yoga showsu pon the mat and also focus on how we can live from a place of yoga off of the mat and out in the world.

238 Thompson Street, Room 475
With Amy Monaco
Amy’s Beginner Level Vinyasa-style class is perfect for newcomers to yoga. Those without any prior experience will have the chance to explore the fundamental postures, ask questions, and receive thorough explanation and demonstration. As each individual practitioner grows—and as the class as a whole grows—more challenging poses and sequences will be introduced. Students are encouraged to modify or return to the previous levels of poses depending on their needs. There will never be any pressure to “keep up”or impress, only to grow at your own pace. This class can also be beneficial those practicing at the intermediate level who wish to get back in touch with the basics, deepen and refine the foundational poses, and ease into their evenings with a gentler flow.

238 Thompson Street, Room 472
With Sam Chase
This all-levels class combines flowing, dynamic poses with an emphasis on mindful movement coordinated with breath. Each class contains a multitude of choices and variations, encouraging students to explore possibilities and personalize their practice.

238 Thompson Street, Room 472
With Patrice Keitt
This class incorporates pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (physical postures) and meditation to achieve the union of mind, body and spirit that is yoga. Well-balanced sequences, incorporating both flowing and static postures, provide an energetic and physical practice. Poses are held for a moderate length of time, with the option to go deeper, to create awareness in the mind and body and to cultivate one pointed focus. Appropriate for those who have done yoga before.

238 Thompson Street, Room 475
With Emily Bielagus
For students wishing to deepen their practice. This class is a challenging, invigoraitng, breath-led exploraiton of our potential – both on and off the mat. We will begin with a heat-building warm-up, flow through a varied and comprehensive sequence of standing posutres, and end class gently in a few easy, restorative poses. Each week will focus on unpacking and building up the skills needed to accomplish a challenging arm balance and/or inversion. A knowledge of yoga basics is assumed. Not for beginners.

238 Thompson Street, Room 472
With Erica Arce
Explore the present moment in this voyage of self-discovery. With emphasis on alignment, breath, postural inquiries, and meditation, allow your yoga to unfold.

238 Thompson Street, Room 472
With Jean-Michelle Ajon
Co-sponsored by the Islamic Center at NYU

Basic postures form the foundation of this class making it suitable for students of all levels, especially beginners. Through meditation, breathing techniques, and relaxation, students develop body awareness, posture alignment and core strength. Everyone works to her own ability and comfort level and, through regular practice, will discover increased strength, flexibility, focus and inner tranquility. This class is exclusively open to women.


  1. Should I bring my own mat?
    - We provide mats for all yoga practitioners. However, it is important to note that mats are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Can I drop in, or should I register ahead of time?
    - You are more than welcome to drop in on a class. Registration is not necessary.
  3. I am affiliated with the University. If I bring my NYU ID, is it free?
    - Yoga classes are free for all those with a current, active NYU ID. Make sure to bring the ID with you.
  4. I am not affiliated with the University. How much will it cost?
    - If you do not have an NYU ID and are still interested in attending, please bring a suggested $10 to cover the cost of the class.
  5. Are there any showers or changing rooms at the Center for Spiritual Life?
 - There are no showers at the Center, sadly. Please do not use the ablution rooms located on the 4th floor for changing - they are to be used for ritual purposes only. You are welcome to change in our single-stalled or multi-stalled bathrooms on the 4th floor.

Photo: GCASL building exterior.

Room Reservations

All requests must be made to Kimmel Operations.
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