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-ISM Project

What is the -ISM Project?

The NASPA Award winning –ISM Project encourages students to explore various "–isms" in our communities as they relate to race/ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic class, sex/gender, political affiliation, religion/spirituality, and other existing social constructs and identities. Undergraduate and graduate students can apply as individuals or groups for grant-based funding to conduct their research. Accepted participants are paired with a Faculty Advisor and attend regular meetings/ workshops to support the content development and presentation of their projects. Beyond critical analysis, the participants utilize artistic platforms to creatively express their research and personal understanding of their selected -isms. The resulting projects are showcased at the annual –ISM Project Showcase at the end of the spring semester.

Application for 2015-2016 -ISM Projects Coming Soon!


Past -ISM Projects & Videos

Accentism by Melinna Bobadilla

Black Christianism by James Neely, Monique Hanako Rose & Earl Roach

Boderism by Yadira De La Rivera

Hip-Tao-ISM by Abraham Velazquez

Keeping-it-Real-ism by Kelly Thomas

Pinayism by Jana Lynne Umipig

Proper Heterosexism by Arielle Palmer

Telenovela-ISM by Rocio Lopez & Brenda Zamora

They-Do-Exist-at-NYU-ism by Denise Boneta and Naila Sulaiman

Violent Adultism by Amita Swadhin


  • Successism: Connor Spencer
  • Inscapism: Juliana Torres Forero & Laura Patricia Casas
  • Woman Reproductive Autonomism: Rita & Ashwini 
  • Secularism: Royce Dunmore & Trevon Lyle & Chelsea Harrison
  • I am Broke-ism: Kelsie Ann Price
  • Happily Ever Afterism: Stephanie Dawn Hawkins
  • Allyism: Allison Everett & Katie Hood


  • Elitism by Rashida Kamal
  • Gender Binarism by Nichole Latimer & Ora Katz
  • MisinterpreNationism by Lauren Sumida and Danya Degen
  • Unraveling the Gordian Knot of (Hetero)Sexism by Miriam Halsey
  • To Be Presentism by Meredith Degyansky


  • Borderism by Yadira De La Riva
  • Proper Heterosexism by Arielle Loren
  • Keeping-it-Real-ism by Kelly Thomas
  • Black Christian-ism by James Neely, Earl Roach & Monique Rose
  • Hip-Tao-ism by Abraham Velazquez, Jr.
  • Punayism by Jana Lynne Umipig
  • Accent-ism by Melinna Bobadilla
  • Violent Adultism by Amita Swadhin
  • Telenovela-ism by Rocio Lopez and Brenda Zamora
  • They-Do-Exist-at-NYU-ism by Denise Boneta and Naila Sulaiman


  • Accentism (Multimedia Presentation & Spoken Word, Melinna Bobadilla)
  • Black Christianism (Film, James Neely, Monique Hanako Rose & Earl Roach)
  • Boderism (Dramatic Performance, Yadira De La Rivera)
  • Hip-Tao-ISM (Film & Dramatic Performance, Abraham Velazquez)
  • Keeping-it-Real-ism (Multimedia Performance, Kelly Thomas)
  • Pinayism  (Multimedia Performance, Jana Lynne Umipig)
  • Proper Heterosexism (Film, Arielle Palmer)
  • Telenovela-ISM (Short Film, Rocio Lopez & Brenda Zamora)
  • They-Do-Exist-at-NYU-ism (Film, Denise Boneta and Naila Sulaiman)
  • Violent Adultism (Short Film, Amita Swadhin)



  • Diasporanism (Multimedia Performance, Idrissa Simmonds)
  • Hip-Hop Intellectualism (Flim, Jessica Lynne)
  • Sanism (Film, Amanda Walsh)
  • Id-ism (Multimedia Performance, Delia Meyer)
  • Happy Birthdayism (Film, Pinsuda Srisontisuk)
  • AfroLatin@ism (Dramatic Performance, Daphne Sicre)
  • Saving Lifeism (Film, Satjeet K. Nayar)
  • Oppressive Feminism (Paintings, Aileen “Ash” Hammond)
  • Otherism/Humanism (Photography & Film, Anna Escobar)



  • Inventionism  (Interactive Quilt &Video Presentation, Armanda Lewis)
  • The “New” McCathyism (Play & Performance, Ashley Marinaccio)
  • Womanism (Performance and Meditation, Ebony Noelle Golden)
  • Confused Feminism  (Monologues & Multimedia Displays, Jess DiGiacinto)
  • Racism (Video, L.E.J. Rachell)
  • Hairism (Photos, Articles & Skits, Sarah Francois)



  • Multi-morphism (Video & Dramatic Performance, Hannabah Blue & Antonio Delgado)
  • Same Sex Marriage-ism (Video, Powerpoint, & Spoken Word, Noah Amuzu & Ndidi Igboeli)
  • [     ] –ism (Dramatic Performance & Powerpoint, Scott Lupi  & Jennifer Nario)
  • Outofthebox-ism (Photography & Dramatic Performance, Crystal Boyd & Nila Natarajan)
  • Arab-Israeli ISM (Powerpoint, Dance/Marital Arts & Dramatic Performance, Catherine Hanna & Simnia Singer-Sayada)
  • Rebellion-ism (Collage, Sara Schweizer)           
  • Multilingualism (Narrative Essay & Visual Poster, Aimee Tiu)
  • An Africanism (Music and Dance Performance, Ken White)



  • Homeland Security and Ethnic Nationalism (film, Antonio Albagli, Alicia Matusheski & Nasir Gore)
  • Independent Woman-ism (photojournalism, Chinazo Rena Anakwe)
  • Don’t Stare at another Subway Commuter-ism (collage, Wendy Chan)
  • Mechanism (dance drama, Angela Dixon)
  • Couplehood-ism (documentary, Jesse Hall)
  • BoogieRican-ism (spoken word, Delilah Martinez)
  • Prism-ism (dramatic performance, Jennifer A. Nario)                                   
  • Ismism (photojournalism, Glenda Oskar)                          



  • MexiYorkism (music and video, Enrique Castro)
  • Gospelism (communication/form, Alexandra Sherman)
  • Multiculturalism & Individualism (interpretative dance, Tina Vasquez)
  • Sentimental Cyborgism (wearable technology, Xiao Li Tan)
  • Butch/femmeISM (photography, lala seidensticker)
  • Malapropism (dramatic performance, Maikiko James)
  • Perceptionism (exhibition, Monica Laiseca)



  • Beautyism (performance, Patrice C. Gerideau)
  • Terrorism (musical theater, Byron Au Yong & Aaron Jafferis)
  • Pan-Africanism: Harlem, Nigeria, South Africa (photography and poetry, Akintoye Moses)
  • Hmmmm…umph-ISM (live theater and dance performance, EMANA)
  • Resident Alienism (mixed media installation, Siddhartha S. Joag)
  • Breath-ism (experimental film, Yoona Kang with Sang-Bin Im)     



  • Exoticism (short film, Ann Poochareon)
  • Feminism (performance art, Courtney Martin)
  • “International” Interracial Couple-ism (photography/audio, Jungmiwha Bullock)
  • Racism in Higher Education Administration (dramatic performance, Monica Williams)
  • Hip-Hop Feminism (dramatic performance/breakdancing, Jaquita Ta’le)
  • Crewism (spoken word/dj-ing/mixed media, Anthony Nguyen, Daniel Zier)
  • Scary-Arabism (short film, Jacqueline Salloum)



  • Racism (short film, Aaron Blandon)
  • Anti-Haitianism (short documentary, Juan Castilo)
  • Caricature-ism (dramatic performance, Nzinga Kemp)
  • Latino Heterosexism (photography, Angel Lozada)
  • Harlemism (photography, Akintoye Moses)              
  • Expressionism (photography/dance, Neeru Singh)
  • Asian American Feminism (short doc, Xiao Li Tan)           



  • Heterosexism (installation, Colin Applegate)
  • Realism (dramatic monologue, Felice Belle)
  • Racism (short film, Silfida Gomez)
  • Projectism (painting, Nathaniel Quinn)
  • Segregationism (photography, Ana Pines)
  • Linguisticism (short film, Myra Widodo)



  • Spiritualism (short film, Ryan Richmond)           
  • Racism (short film, Taina Mirach)                          
  • Home-ism (essay, Judie Guild)                           
  • Buckwheatism (spoken word, Travis Johnson)                              



  • Classificationism (video, Claire Carre`)
  • Racism (video, Swati Khuana & Shefali Mehta)
  • Ghettoism (video, Ayana Richardson & Katiuska Delgado)
  • Blackmanhoodism (performance, Travis Johnson)
  • Seprosangunism (dramatic monologue, Gabrielle Bayne)



  • Colonialism (installation, Elisa Paik)
  • Hip-Hopism (narrative, Kiva Jones)                     
  • Self-ism (short film, Susan Rosenbloom)
  • Spiritualism (photo-quilt, Stacy Washington)
  • Race & Idealism (film, Miyun Kim & Michelle Lim)
  • Absolutism, Tightassism, & Humanism (mural, Lisa Linhardt)

-ISM Photo Gallery


If you have questions about the -ISM Project, or you need more information contact


If you have questions about the President's Service Awards that are not addressed on this website, or you need more information about the President's Service Awards, email Amanda Gallocher at or call 212.998.4166.


If you have questions about the President's Service Awards that are not addressed on this website, or you need more information about the President's Service Awards, email Amanda Gallocher at or call 212.998.4166.


If you have questions about the President's Service Awards that are not addressed on this website, or you need more information about the President's Service Awards, email Amanda Gallocher at or call 212.998.4166.

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