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NYU Nonprofit Partners

As part of New York University's continued commitment to our communities, we are pleased to share a resource that can help you to recruit volunteers for your organization - NYU has partnered with VolunteerMatch to help engage our students, faculty and staff in volunteer service with nonprofit organizations like yours.

Through VolunteerMatch, you are able to find the volunteers you need from a large, active online network that includes members of the NYU community, other major organizations, and the general public. Once you have registered, your VolunteerMatch listings will be available on NYUServiceConnect for the NYU community.

VolunteerMatch's basic service is free, and is available for all nonprofit and tax-exempt charitable organizations. Click here to register with VolunteerMatch. Features include:

    • Recruiting tools and online volunteer management. Post opportunity listings and manage your volunteer referrals online in one easy location.
    • Reporting on volunteer activity. Keep track of your volunteers and report on your volunteer referral activity.

You can also take advantage of VolunteerMatch's Community Leader Service and receive the full set of recruiting tools and benefits. Some of the features are highlighted below. Or view them here.

    • Enhanced Listings. Stand out among other listings and let volunteers know you're serious about recruiting the people you need most.
    • Reposting Privileges. Keep your listings at the top of the list. VolunteerMatch default search results sort opportunities by ‘newest’ so listings most recently added will appear at the top.

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to register your organization with VolunteerMatch and post opportunities on their website. More than 79,000 organizations - like the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, the National MS Society, Habitat for Humanity, and thousands of local nonprofits - use VolunteerMatch every day to recruit volunteers. Registered organizations have received over 5.6 million volunteer referrals through the site, and you can become part of that growing network.

We thank you in advance for the great work you are doing on behalf of our communities. New York University and its students, faculty and staff are eager to get involved in the communities where they live and work. Sign up today and find the volunteers you need!

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