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NYU-Specific Opportunities

NYU President Service Award

The purpose of the President’s Service Award is to recognize the distinguished achievements of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and student organizations for their promotion of learning, leadership, and quality of student life at New York University.

President's Service Awards are given to students or student organizations that have had an extraordinary and positive impact on the University community, including achievements within schools and departments, the University at large, New York City neighborhoods, and NYU's international centers.

Successful nominations should demonstrate that the student or organization has made a significant and positive contribution to the University in one or more of the following ways

  • Building community
  • Enhancing wellness
  • Promoting diversity
  • Demonstrating civic responsibility
  • Actively volunteering
  • Creating innovative and new projects or activities
  • Innovating and enhancing existing University programs or services
  • Exhibiting outstanding leadership with an organization or project

NYU Reynolds Scholarship

The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Program in Social Entrepreneurship is designed to attract, encourage and train a new generation of leaders in public service.

Each year, the program will expose a highly selective group of graduate and undergraduate students from throughout New York University to the cross-disciplinary skills, experiences and networking opportunities needed to advance and support their efforts to realize sustainable and scalable pattern-breaking solutions to society's most intractable problems.

Broadly speaking, the program attracts three types of changemakers:

  1. Those that have or are planning to develop an innovative idea to address a specific social problem in a pattern breaking, sustainable and scalable way,
  2. Those that will work in and/or build the infrastructure needed for social entrepreneurial work to take root, including individuals who will practice their profession in a social entrepreneurial organization (accountants, lawyers, etc.) and individuals who want to improve the operations and management systems of public, private and not for profit organizations, and
  3. Those who will spur others to action on a national and/or global scale to particular social problems through journalism, the arts, photography, film making, television production and other media avenues. Successful applicants will receive up to $25,000 for each of two years of study.

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