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Student Government

Student government begins at the school level. Each school or college has its own student council and is represented on the University-level by a Student Senator. The Student Senators come together as the Student Senators Council (SSC) and invite the student council presidents from all schools- undergrad, graduate, and professional- to meet with them as the SSC's University Committee on Student Life (UCSL). The UCSL channels recommendations through the Student Senators Council. The SSC, as a constituent body of the University Senate, makes recommendations to the University Senate and/or the University Administration.

The Senate may make recommendations to the President, the Board of Trustees, or the individual schools.

However, each of the schools and colleges has its own student council whose members represent its students to the faculty and administration of that school. Each school council also provides a range of services and activities, both academic and extracurricular, and may fund organizations whose membership is exclusively from that school. There are many opportunities to get involved through your school's council. 

The SSC is made up of 15 Student Senators elected by the students of the various schools and colleges of NYU and 7 students Senators appointed at-large by the Executive Committee of the University Senate with the advice and consent of the elected Student Senators. These at-large Senators provide continuity and represent underrepresented interests.

SSC's University Committee on Student Life (UCSL)

The principal committee of the Student Senators Council is the University Committee on Student Life (UCSL), the broadest based student government group at the University. The UCSL, which is concerned with University-wide issues, oversees the general quality of student life and transmits policy recommendations to the SSC. While mainly a deliberative body, the UCSL exercises certain "legislative" and administrative functions through some of its more important committees. Working with the student councils, the UCSL helps to organize University-wide events such as the Violet Ball, the All-University Games and a University-wide coordinated election period. The UCSL consists of the entire SSC, the presidents of the various student councils, the chair of the Student Activities Board (SAB), the chair of the Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC), the chair of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC), and one representative each from the Faculty Senators Council, the Deans Council, and the Division of Student Affairs.

For example, the Senate is empowered to set each year's academic calendar and discuss certain University-wide policies. The Senate's membership consists of the Faculty Senators Council (35), the Deans Council(15), the Student Senators Council (22), not more than 5 representatives of the Administrative Management Council, and not more than 5 officers of University administration, including the President, the Chancellor of the University and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, the Secretary, and such other officers as may from time to time be designated by the President.


Student Senators Council
University Committee on Student Life

Kimmel Center for University Life
60 Washington Square South, Room 708
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