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Leadership is the process of working with others to create a vision for the future, build commitment and align people’s actions toward that vision, and ultimately produce results that make the envisioned future a reality.

Today’s world requires moving beyond the traditional "heroic" image of a leader to investing in and facilitating leadership as a collective achievement. This is leadership that is inclusive, distributed, and ethical. It draws on diversity to achieve a common purpose and recognizes that bridging difference expands possibilities, strengthens solutions, and fosters adaptability for rapidly changing global political and social landscapes. Fostering leadership for this new era depends on bringing diverse voices to the fore — those of women, people of color, youth, and people in developing nations, among others. It also requires developing a different set of skills — based more on listening than knowing, engaging than directing, humility than arrogance.


  • Help students develop a practical framework for ethical leadership
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that develop problem-solving, creation of tangible outcomes, idea generation, and implementation
  • Create a network of leaders across New York University’s global sites and portal campuses by connecting students, faculty, and staff throughout the world
  • Provide students with opportunities to engage with proven leaders
  • Identify individual learning styles, and help leaders understand their roles in group dynamics
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