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Getting Started

As a global blogger, you are joining a pioneering group of students working to share the NYU experience with an audience that is both within and beyond our university’s global network — and it all starts here.

The following instructions will help you create your individual blog for THIS IS NYU and register to be a part of our team in 15 minutes or fewer. Don't let the multiple steps below scare you: we've simply broken the process down into bite-sized pieces to help you every step of the way.





THIS IS NYU is a collection of student experiences. As a student blogger, you will create your own blog on Tumblr and fill it with stories about campus events, your favorite pizza slice, class trips, art around town — and so much more.

The best posts from around the world are shared on the main THIS IS NYU page by global editors in New York who are looking for great photos, videos, and posts that capture what it's like to be in your shoes.




If you don't have a Tumblr blog, the following steps will walk you through creating your account and customizing your blog's theme. If you already have a Tumblr blog, you will need to create a "secondary blog" for THIS IS NYU.

  • Visit
  • Enter an email, password, and username, then click Sign up. Enter your age.
  • Read Tumblr's terms of service, then check the box and click Done!
  • You'll be brough to a page titled "Make a blog" to start customizing your blog.
  • Give your blog a title and a description, then click Make it.
Screenshot: Instructions
  • Now you'll be asked to follow at least three blogs on Tumblr. We highly recommend you follow THIS IS NYU, the Global Editors' Blog, and HashtagNYU — but that's just us.
Screenshot: Instructions
  • Click Next step, then ignore the mobile apps ad for now by clicking "I'll get it later" below the buttons.
  • You'll be brought to your Tumblr Dashboard, which is similar to Facebook's Newsfeed.
  • Before you can go much further on Tumblr, you need to verify your email address.
  • Go to your inbox and find an email from Tumblr with the subject "Confirm your email." (If using the new Gmail look, this email may appear in your "Social" tab.)
  • Open the email and click the Verify email address button.

Your blog is now all set up! You can make a few more customizations on Tumblr by clicking the gear icon at the top of your Dashboard. Just be sure to keep the Optica theme for your design!




Now that you've set up your blog, let us know the URL — or web address — so we can find it and share your stories on the main THIS IS NYU page.

Please note: After submitting the registration form, you are not allowed to change your Tumblr blog URL without prior permission from our team.



It's time to start sharing your story. Log in to Tumblr and get started now! Using Tumblr is easy. Simply click on the kind of post you want to create:

Screenshot: Instructions

Coming up with your first post can sometimes be half the work, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Introduce yourself. Where are you going? What is your major? What classes are you taking?
  • Getting around. Show us your commute to school with pictures or video.
  • Everydayness. Tell us about your schedule, by the hour, “This is the diary of...” style.
  • Housing. Show us what your room is like. Take lots of pictures, tell us about your neighborhood.
  • The bucket list. If we were going to your campus next semester, what should be on our to-do list?

Remember: we aren't interested in word counts and often a great picture is worth a thousand words!

Get In Touch!

If you have a question or get stuck at any point, email us at — we're here to help!

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