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Frequently Asked Questions

Before reaching out with a question, make sure it's not covered below.


All NYU students can be global bloggers. We are looking to share the NYU experience all around the globe, and look for bloggers studying at all NYU campuses.

You don't have to apply to become a global blogger. Simply follow a few steps to sign up and you'll be ready to start blogging within 15 minutes.

Here's the gist of it: You post glimpses of your NYU experience on your blog, and our global editors find the best posts from around the world to highlight on THIS IS NYU.

Not really. THIS IS NYU runs on Tumblr for various reasons, one of them being that once our bloggers set up their own Tumblr blogs, it's incredibly easy for us to "reblog" their posts.

(Tumblr is also just awesome.)

If you already have an established Tumblr blog, you'll have to create a secondary blog. Simply put, this will ensure you get a clean start — no inappropriate cat gifs, etc. — since your blog for THIS IS NYU will be more officially related to NYU.

Definitely not! We're looking for stories from across NYU's global network — including New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai.

We've partnered with the Office of Global Programs to make sure there are bloggers at all study away sites, but are also working with staff at our three portal campuses to feature their student experiences.

No. Participating in THIS IS NYU as a global blogger does not come with compensation.

HashtagNYU does provide internship opportunities. Global editors, who are responsible for managing the content and strategy for THIS IS NYU, are paid HashtagNYU interns. Applications are very competitive and it's a big plus if you apply with a semester or two of experience as a global blogger.

No, global bloggers share their story on a volunteer basis.

If you are studying away and want to apply for a scholarship, more details are available on the Office of Global Programs Scholarships & Financial Aid page here.

Simply follow a few steps and you'll be ready to start blogging in 15 minutes or fewer.

We recommend anyone who starts a blog to invest in keeping it active, and the same goes for our global bloggers.

We expect students to blog twice a week, but aren't intereted in word counts. You can share brief stories, long stories, quick quotes, awesome Instagram photos, professional shots taken with fancier cameras, videos, and so much more.

Basically, we want you to share stories frequently — at least twice a week — and keep things interesting.

All global bloggers must use the Optica theme. There are many themes out there, and we've tried them all. (Well, almost.) Optica is by far one of our favorites.

Why must everyone use the same theme? We want student's blogs to look similar so our global editors have an easier time reading more than 150 blogs and to have uniformity around the world for readers who choose to visit student blogs from our roster page.

There are certainly approved ways to personalize Optica.

You can customize colors and add a custom header image as long as your text remains legible. You may also choose between the one-column or grid layouts.

Absolutely! You can be a global blogger as long as you want.

Think back to when you were in high school and thinking about coming to NYU. How awesome would it have been to stumble upon a student's blog that documented their life from freshman year all the way to their junior or senior year?

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