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Program Board Committees

The Program Board consists of the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and committee members. Although elections for e-board and committee chair positions are held in spring, general members are welcome to join any time!

Membership is open to any enrolled undergraduate degree candidate who is willing to volunteer time and energy.  Requirements for membership include attendance at meetings and participation in events.

General membership meetings occur Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South) throughout the academic year.

Strawberry Fest

Annual Strawberry Festival


Concerts.  The Concerts Committee programs large scale music events of various genres and with broad appeal to the University.

Film.  The Film Committee provides a variety of films and related programming for the University.

Lectures.  The Lectures Committee programs events featuring speakers of diverse appeal and covering relevant issues.

New Music.  The New Music Committee programs shows featuring musicians and groups on a smaller scale than those of the Concerts Committee.  Featured bands are usually from independent, underground, local, or college music scenes.

Performing Arts.  The Performing Arts Committee programs diverse cultural events of varying size, including theater, dance, music, and comedy.

Visual Arts.  The Visual Arts Committee is responsible for art exhibitions and openings.

Publicity.  The Publicity Committee supports the other committees with creative, efficient, organized, and effective publicity for all programming.

Membership.  The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members and aiding communication between members.  The committee also organizes Program Board social functions, including retreats and parties, and is responsible for Program Board representation at the Club Fair.

Strawberry Fest.  (planning begins during spring semester) The Strawberry Fest Committee is responsible for planning the annual festival which gathers students, staff, and faculty in celebration of wellness, community, and of course, strawberries! 

Ex-wife performer

Ex-Wife Halloween Concert 2009


Raekwon Mystery Concert 2009

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