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Starting an All-Square Club

New Club Development (NCD) Application 2014-2015

The Student Activities Board (SAB), a student government body composed entirely of student leaders representing existing student clubs and student councils at NYU, is responsible for recognizing and governing All-Square clubs at NYU. To facilitate the development of new All-Square clubs and to minimize the duplication of existing clubs, the SAB has created the New Club Development Program (NCDP) to assist groups of students proposing to start a new All-Square club. On September 8, 2014 the SAB begins accepting and reviewing applications to the program for the upcoming academic year. Once the application process closes (11:59pm on October 6th) the SAB will not accept applications again until next Fall 2015. The program takes two semesters to complete, fall & spring, in that order.

The Student Activities Board will notify your founding members regarding your application status by 11:59pm by November 6th. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application please email


For All Clubs in the New Club Development Program

Submitting a petition of 100 signatures in support of your club.

Reviewing and revising, if needed, your mission statement.  

Setting goals and objectives for the club.  

Recruiting new members (Minimum of 10 fully matriculated NYU students in good standing with the University and no more then 2/3 student members from one school.  Membership must be open to all students at NYU and without restrictions.)  

Writing and ratifying your club Constitution.

Electing officers. 

Planning club activities or a publication and submitting an action plan to your CSALS advisor.  

Applying for seed funding.  

Holding club activities or distributing a publication.  

Preparing for your final evaluation by the Student Activities Board (SAB).  

Submitting a club budget for the next academic year. (Only if the SAB grants your club All-Square status following your final evaluation.)  

Following the timeline set by Student Activities Board (SAB) that includes deadlines for completing each component of the New Club Development Program (NCDP).  

If you have questions about the NCD process, please do not hesitate to contact your Student Activities advisor.

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