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Starting a Club Sport

NYU CLUB SPORTS are student organizations initiated and administered by their members under the sponsorship, assistance, and advice, for risk management purposes, of the Department of Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation. In order to be considered for inclusion as an NYU Club Sport, the sport must be a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) or an International Olympic sponsored sport.**  Further, there must exist a collegiate umbrella organization and a collegiate playing league with rules, safety standards, operating guidelines and opportunities for intercollegiate competition in the North East Region of the United States. No new clubs will be allowed that significantly duplicate an existing NYU Varity Sport, Club Sport, or any other student organization on campus.

How to Start:  

  • Read through the Club Sport Manual-
  • Contact the Assistant Director for Club Sports to determine if your sport is eligible to be considered as a Club Sport
  • Compile an application for recognition as a Sport Club. That application should include the following information:
      • Objectives and goals of the club
      • Names and contact information of students interested in participating in the activity. The application must include a minimum of 3x the number of people needed to field that particular sport.
      • Practice and space needs
      • Equipment needs
      • A budget proposal for the upcoming year
      • A regional or national governing body for the sport
      • List of schools, with contact information, with teams in the local or regional area which the club can compete against. 
  • Write a club constitution which outlines the structure, purpose, membership, annual meetings, officer election procedures and any other pertinent information regarding the administration of the club. (see appendix XXIII of the Club Sports Manual for an example) 
  • Meet with the NYU Club Sports Student Advisory Committee to present your application at the November meeting.
  • The newly established Club Sport Student Advisory Committee will be comprised of one representative elected by each Club Sport during the month of September. The committee will meet on the first Tuesday of November to consider the merits of applications for new NYU Club Sports. Decisions will be made by a majority vote with a quorum of eight. 
  • Meetings thereafter will be scheduled on a need basis throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Committee members will provide peer advisement to the leadership of the proposed new Club Sport through out the year

Once these steps have been completed, the Student Advisory Committee will vote on the proposal. If a club is accepted, they are eligible for support from the Sport Clubs office in scheduling, practice time and space and organizing competitions. New clubs are responsible for completing all required paperwork and attending all mandatory meetings and training sessions. New clubs are ineligible for financial support until the next budget cycle and full school year.

Assistant Director for Club Sports- Gail Stentiford; 212-998-2018;

** Students seeking to start a recreational club THAT IS NOT a National Athletic Association (NCAA) or an International Olympic sponsored sport may elect to apply to the Student Activities Board New Club Development (NCD) Program.   Applications to the New Club Development (NCD) Program are due by the last Friday in September.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Applications to the Student Activities Board NCD Program that propose a club that would be classified as an NCAA or Olympic sport will not be approved by the Student Activities Board.  Please follow the instructions for "Starting a Club Sport" for NCAA or International Olympic sponsored sports.

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