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Starting an All-Square Theme-based Event Planning Committee

Please note: the application deadline for starting an All-Square Theme-Based Event Planning Committee was September 24th.  Applications for 2010-2011 are no longer being accepted.

Theme-based Event Planning Committees are those student organizations whose principle mission or purpose is the coordination of month-, week-, or day-long events centered around a common theme by bringing together a cross-section of All-Square organizations registered with the Center for Student Activities, Leadership and Service (CSALS).  Their funding comes from the All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee and their advisor is affiliated with the CSALS.   SAB, ASSBAC and CSALS govern them. There is a first year probationary period for new committees that must be successfully completed before receiving All-Square status from SAB and funding from ASSBAC.

Introduction. The Student Activities Board (SAB), a student government body responsible for recognizing and governing All-Square committees at NYU, has created the New Theme-based Development Program to assist groups of students wanting to start an All-Square Theme-based Event Planning Committee. The program begins in September of each academic year when the Student Activities Board accepts and reviews application to the program. Once the application process is closed, the Student Activities Board will not review applications again until the next academic year. The program takes two semesters to complete, fall & spring, in that order. 

STEP ONE: Complete and submit the on-line New Theme-based Event Planning Committee Application, by the last Friday in September. All on-line applications go directly to the student members of the SAB who are solely responsible for approving or denying applications. The SAB will notify the presidents of the founding All-Square club member organizations listed on your application via email by October 15 regarding the status of the application. (Note that the SAB is not in session over the summer therefore does not conduct official business requiring the deliberation of the full Board. The Board holds their first meeting in late September.)

STEP TWO: The SAB will forward approved applications to the Associate Director of the CSALS who will assign a CSALS advisor. Since CSALS is not notified by the SAB regarding applications which are pending or not approved, questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Student Activities Board, SAB Office, Kimmel Center, room 710, mailbox 216. 212-998-4948 or

STEP THREE: The committee's CSALS advisor will contact the founding members listed on the application to set up an initial advisement session to discuss:

  • Reviewing and revising, if needed, your mission statement.
  • Setting goals and objectives for the committee.
  • Recruiting new members.
  • Writing and ratifying your Constitution.
  • Electing officers.
  • Applying for contingency funding.
  • Planning and hosting activities.
  • Preparing for your final evaluation by the SAB. (February)
  • Submitting a committee budget for the next academic year. (Only if the SAB grants your committee All-Square status following your final evaluation.)

STEP FOUR: This section provides explanations of the information the Student Activities Board will require you to provide as part of the application process. It is suggested that you review this section now and refer back to this section as needed as you complete the application.

Committee Name. The use of "NYU" or "New York University" as part of a committee name is restricted to "at NYU" or "at New York University". For example your committee is not authorized to use the name "NYU Theatre Committee" but it is authorized to use the name "Theatre Committee at NYU". New committees may not identify themselves as an "Office", "Council", "Board", "Center", "Department" or other names commonly used to identify official governing bodies, administrative or academic areas of the University. In cases where a committee is a campus chapter of a national organization that includes these terms, the Student Activities Board will take consider an exception to their policy.

Mission Statement. The mission statement defines what your committee is, what the committee aspires to be, allows for growth and change, distinguishes your committee from others, and serves as a frame work to evaluate your success as a committee. An important intention of your committee's mission statement is to keep current and future members of the committee and the NYU community aware of the committees' core purpose and values. To that end, your mission statement should include the purpose and values of the committee, identify who the committee's primary stakeholders are, outline the responsibilities of the committee to its members and the NYU community, and set out the main objectives the committee will accomplish. Your mission statement should be brief and clearly stated so that it is generally understood by all. You can find the mission statements of existing committees registered with the Office of Student Activities by going to the club directory.

Committee Uniqueness Statement. Your committee's uniqueness statement provides the Student Activities Board additional details about your committee beyond what you have stated in your mission statement. This is an opportunity to clarify how your proposed committee is different from other existing committees at NYU and how your committee will have a positive impact on the NYU community.

Statement of Committee Activities and Goals. This is your opportunity to outline the kinds of activities your committee might engage in and what you hope to accomplish by hosting these activities.

Committee Founding Members. The SAB requires that during the application process proposed committees select four (4) All-Square club presidents from a cross-section of All-Square organizations (registered with CSALS) who will serve as the founding members of the committee until elections are held following the ratification of your committee's Constitution. The founding members are required to be current NYU students in good standing with the University who are enrolled in academic courses working toward an academic degree. The Founding Members may all be from one school at NYU. It is important to provide all of the information requested for each of the founding members.

Restrictions. The following clubs will not be considered for the new club development program:

  • committees that do not meet the All-Square club criteria (these include school clubs, sports clubs, office clubs, student governments, honorary societies.)
  • committees engaging in activities that the University deems as posing potential personal health or safety risks to participants,
  • committees requiring additional insurance,
  • committees requiring paid coaches,
  • committees requiring the University to provide special uniforms or equipment,
  • committees requiring specialized practice/rehearsal spaces or other specialized facilities beyond the availability and scoop of what NYU can provide in our existing NYU facilities,
  • committees providing services more appropriately provided by University offices or government agencies,
  • committees with membership restrictions,
  • committees incorporated as for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations,
  • committees planning to hold off-campus activities or to attend off-campus activities without the official co-sponsorship of an academic or administrative office at NYU (except for community service clubs working with agencies within reasonable commuting distance of Washington Square).
  • committees with a mission or purpose that conflicts with the mission, purpose and values of the University,
  • and honorary fraternities/sororities or societies affiliated with an academic program.

STEP FIVE: Submit the "New Theme-based Event Planning Committee Application" by midnight of the last Friday in September. The Student Activities Board will notify your founding members regarding your application status by October 15th.

Please note: the application deadline for starting an All-Square Theme-Based Event Planning Committee was September 24th.  Applications for 2010-2011 are no longer being accepted.

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