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Theme-Based Committees

Theme-based Event Planning Committees are those student organizations whose principle mission or purpose is the coordination of month-, week-, or day-long events centered around a common theme by bringing together a cross-section of student organizations (registered with the Center for Student Activities, Leadership and Service) and students. Their funding comes from the All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee, their advisor is affiliated with the Center for Student Activities.  The committees are governed by the Student Activities Board (SAB), the All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee (ASSBAC) and the Center for Student Activities. There is a first year probationary period for new committees that must be successfully completed before receiving All-Square status from SAB and funding from ASSBAC.

Pride Month is a celebration honoring the unique cultures and histories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer people. The events planned for Pride Month unite, educate, empower and encourage all students to become more active citizens on campus and in local communities while increasing LGBTQ visibility. Programs include Opening Extravaganza, National Coming Out Day events, Diva Ball and many other discussions, lectures, performances and social events.

For more information, you can contact the Pride Month Advisor, Amira Shouman, at or (212) 998-4936.

La Herencia commemorates and promotes cultural diversity on campus through educational and social events as well as creates an awareness of Latino culture and heritage. La Herencia also strives to identify and deal with the current challenges affecting the Latino community as well as to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions made by Latinos. This annual celebration of Latino culture at NYU and will include panel discussions, lectures, concerts, and other intellectual, social, and cultural activities throughout November.

For more information, you can contact the La Herencia Latina Advisor, Jessica Guerrero at or (212) 998-4700.

The nationwide celebration of African Heritage Month occurs during the month of February. Although this heritage is one which is noted and celebrated all year, this month marks the time where students can share their culture with others, as well as further educate them. Africa has given birth to many faces, voices, and colors. The overall goal is ultimately to inform the NYU community about the many cultures of the African Diaspora, their manifestations, and the issues within and around them.

For more information, you can contact the African Heritage Month Advisor, Jessica Guerrero at or (212) 998-4700.


Women's Herstory Month at New York University is dedicated to promoting awareness of the broad spectrum of people's experiences as women. We seek to empower women from a variety of cultures and communities while continuing to create safe and inclusive spaces for all. This is a time where the NYU community can raise awareness and celebrate the spirit of women. The focus is on everything from women's health issues to the ideas of feminism and how it affects today's society.

For more information, you can contact the Women's Herstory Month Advisor, Sherrill Collins, at or (212) 998-4708.

Asian Heritage Month is held every April at New York University.Asian Heritage Month's purpose is to empower and to appreciate the strength, honor, beauty and wisdom of various Asian cultures. April is dedicated to unifying the diverse Asian and Asian American groups on campus as well as in the surrounding communities. Asian Heritage Month provides the NYU community with a spectacular array of education, social, cultural and political programs that will heighten the awareness of Asian and Asian American issues.In 2002, the Asian Heritage Month Planning Committee paid particular attention to uniting South and East Asia in its cultural programming priorities. Many of the events emphasized the diversity within the concepts of Asia, Asian, and Asian-American. The committee's emphasis on widening the scope of the month to focus on traditionally neglected regions of the continent brought a variety of new programming topics to the NYU community.

For more information, you can contact the Asian Heritage Month Advisor, Wylie Cheung, at or (212) 998-4700.

"Agape" is a Greek word that Agape is the Greek word for the sacrificial, unconditional love as seen in Jesus Christ. In celebration of this love, Agape Week has the dual purpose of 1.) unifying all of the Christian organizations on campus, and 2.) engaging the NYU community in a discussion about God, Christianity, and faith. Each event is planned with the participation of different fellowships, and may be intellectual, cultural, musical, and/or service oriented in nature. Agape Week is a unique opportunity to bring together a large number of diverse groups of different denominations, cultural backgrounds and talents, all in order to celebrate a common faith and share it with others.

For more information, you can contact the Agape Month Advisor, Stephen Polniaszek at or (212) 998-4956.


Shuruq is Arabic for 'sunrise.' "The sun's nature is innocent of both East and West, though in origins, true, it is an Easterner." - Allama IqbalMission

Shuruq is the Middle Eastern and Muslim cultural theme week at New York University. Perhaps no other area of the world is as publicized-or misunderstood-as the Middle East. It is our belief that NYU would benefit from a celebration of this diversity and recognition of its many manifestations, especially in light of current political climate. The Middle East is home to an array of diverse cultures, religions, languages, and beliefs; however, they have been united by the influence of the Muslim religion and the development of several historic empires that were Persian, Turkish, or Arab in content. Outside the boundaries of what is known as the Middle East-west and east Africa, central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and southeast Asia-Islam has had a similarly unifying influence. We seek to highlight the commonalities among these cultures and share them with people of other backgrounds. The week's emphasis is n traditions, language, art, music, and literature. The week seeks to bring peoples of Middle Eastern and/or Muslim descent together, increase awareness of the Middle East's religions and cultures within the NYU community, and foster an attitude of greater harmony and cooperation.

For more information, you can contact the Shuruq Advisor, Stephen Polniaszek at or (212) 998-4956.

Earth Week recognizes, explores, honors and celebrates our connections to the earth. Through a series of activities, panels, films and lectures Earth Week is an opportunity for the community to learn about the important roles we play in our world.

For more information, you can contact the Earth Week Advisor Jessica Guerrero at or (212) 998-4700.

Greek Week provides an opportunity to unify the New York University community through promoting the values of leadership, service, scholarship, and friendship. The week includes speakers and discussions addressing important topics such as leadership development, LGBT awareness, and speaking out against domestic violence. Events also include community-building activities, community service opportunities, and stress-release programs. Participation in Greek Week offers opportunities to learn more about Fraternity and Sorority Life at New York University.

For more information, you can contact Allison Harris at at (212) 998-4710.

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