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Class of 2017

Class of 2017!

Welcome to the Class Activities Board page. We made it. We're finally here. We all came to the city to achieve our dreams… They're no longer dreams! This is real, this where it all begins! Our class is filled with Love, Inspiration, Friendship and Energy. Those are just some of the ingredients for having an amazing time this year. And that's what the Class Activities Board (CAB) is here to achieve. There's nothing more daunting than trying to adjust to a completely new environment, surrounded by a huge support system in the greatest University in the world. So, why not be part of that? I encourage you to stop by our meetings. Shed some light on your ideas, and let's all see how high we can raise the bar for an amazingly unforgettable Class of 2017 experience.

Let's make it happen, 2017.

Kemi, President


Meet our Executive Board members:

Dan Cassin
Kemi Akinbileje
Hannah Singleton
Chandni Sharma
Executive Vice President
Paul Kim
Angel Yu
Vice President of Administration

Luke Shearin
William Goedel
Vice President of Finance
Carolynn Choi
Marcia Hu
Vice President of Public Relations
CAB 17
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