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Student Life

New York is the epitome of a global city, reflecting the world in its expansive diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and ideas. NYU students reflect this diversity; they arrive from all over the country and the world not only to find themselves and “make it” here, but to teach—and learn from—each other (not to mention build amazing friendships along the way). This makes student life at NYU a remarkable, life-changing experience unlike that at many other colleges.

Students at NYU are in the unique position to experience a college lifestyle in a city setting.  NYU offers many of the essential activities that are traditionally associated with college student life, and its location in the heart of New York City creates a setting that presents a myriad of non-traditional opportunities that will supplement and accentuate the student life experience. 

While here, students can join a fraternity or sorority.  They can join one of our sports teams: NYU athletics range from intramural soccer to varsity fencing. They can develop and engage in a diverse, personal spiritual life.  Academy Award winning directors and prize winning writers have honed their craft in NYU classrooms.  Students can follow in their footsteps, exploring radio, film and the printed word by contributing to or joining one of the University’s student media outlets.  From Washington Square News to WNYU Radio to Tisch film courses, NYU students take advantage of New York City as a global center for media, journalism and communications.

Student living at NYU is a unique experience of its own.  Students can live in residential housing near the Washington Square campus—soaking in the vibrant Greenwich Village neighborhood—or they can live off campus in one of the five boroughs and beyond.  With either option, students aren’t just residents of a college campus; they are citizens, users and a vital aspect of one of the world’s largest, diverse, most interesting cities. 

As members of a metropolitan community, NYU students have access to the University’s greatest resource: New York City itself.  They use the city to launch a great career.  Students intern for the world’s most influential companies, biggest media outlets and largest organizations.  They network with some of the most powerful people in the city, the country and the globe.  Students also get involved in the community, volunteering or working for one of the city’s many charities or even starting community service organizations of their own.  That’s just one example of how students take leadership positions that prepare them for what lies ahead after college. 

NYU is "in and of the city," and now with its growing global presence, in and of the world.  Student Life at NYU reflects this.  An NYU education is an experience like no other: diverse, cosmopolitan, vibrant and rich.  NYU students do not just become well-rounded college graduates, but accomplished global citizens.  Navigate this section to find out more about Student Life at NYU.

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