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Information for Visiting (non-NYU) Students

Visiting (non NYU) students with documented disabilities who are considering studying abroad at an NYU site are strongly encouraged to work with a CSD Disability Specialist when researching prospective sites.

Visiting (non NYU) students with documented disabilities who wish to use accommodations at an NYU site must complete the CSD registration process. Please refer to Reasonable Accommodations and How to Register with CSD for information. Students must register at least 4-6 weeks before departure.

While information about accommodations received at a student’s home university is helpful, it is not sufficient to satisfy CSD documentation requirements (please see Disability Documentation Guidelines). Accommodations granted at one institution are not automatically carried over to another.

Students who are approved for accommodations will be contacted by a Disability Specialist to discuss accommodation implementation. An accommodation verification letter will then be sent to the student and site liaison. Upon receiving the accommodation verification letter, students will be instructed to contact the site liaison to discuss their accommodations.

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