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Student Questions

Students who qualify for services must have a documented disability that substantially limits a major life activity. To register for services with the Moses Center, a student must provide current documentation of their disability.  Documentation must include a specific diagnosis and  be conducted by a qualified licensed professional. The nature and severity of the current impairment, information about functional limitations caused by such impairment and the current treatment plan with recommended accommodations must be included.

Different disabilities require different types of information. Refer to our forms page for a list of documentation guidelines sorted by disability.

To self-identify to CSD, all documentation must provide a diagnosis and be provided by a qualified, licensed professional.

The Moses Center does not provide testing services.  We will, however, provide a list of testing centers in the New York area that perform psycho-educational assessments.

Yes. Students with temporary disabilities must follow the same registration and documentation procedures as all other registered students.  When appropriate, accommodations are approved on a temporary basis.

In accordance with applicable federal, state, and city disability laws, New York University will provide reasonable accommodations for students:

Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking the student’s medically documented need and prevailing standards for reasonable accommodations into consideration. The Reasonable Housing Accommodations Review Committee meets bi-monthly to consider student housing accommodation requests. The Committee is comprised of professionals from the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services, the Student Health Center (link), and the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities. Students requesting special housing accommodations must complete the Reasonable Housing Accommodation Request packet which includes a form to be completed by a healthcare provider. The completed packet must be submitted to the committee by the appropriate annual/semester deadlines to ensure timely evaluation of housing requests. Late requests may result in an inability to meet your housing accommodations needs. Students must renew their requests for special housing accommodations in conjunction with every housing application period.

Please refer to the Reasonable Housing Accommodations section of the CSD website for instructions on how to apply for a reasonable housing accommodation.

The Moses Center annually provides a limited number of tuition awards made possible by grant funding to registered students with disabilities. Awards are administered in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid and are based on applicant's financial need, severity of disability, and academic qualifications. Applications are available at the Moses Center beginning in June.

Students who need to have a copy of their disability documentation forwarded to another party must complete a signed release. The release form is available in the CSD office at 726 Broadway, 2nd Floor.

Agencies administering professional exams (i.e. GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT) or certification exams (i.e. NTE, CSW, Bar exam) typically require individuals seeking disability related accommodations to submit current documentation of disability and/or a test packet form completed by the postsecondary institution’s Center for Students with Disabilities. The Moses Center must verify that the documentation of disability on file is current and complete and that the individual has used the requested accommodations while in attendance. Individuals seeking test accommodations approval for such an exam should contact the Moses Center with the appropriate test information and forms.

Students who plan to attend an NYU Study Away program and seek academic or housing accommodations at a particular site should contact the Moses Center to request accommodations. Students must be registered with the Moses Center to be eligible for accommodations whether they are NYU students or students from another institution. The Moses Center will work with the student and the Study Away Program to arrange approved accommodations. Students with disabilities planning to study away are strongly urged to obtain information in advance regarding the specific site’s programs and facilities and to arrange a meeting with a CSD representative to discuss potential barriers.

Some accommodations may be limited at Study Away sites; students are urged to discuss their needs with a disability specialist before accepting a placement in a global program of any duration.

Please refer to the Study Away and Disability section of the CSD website for more information

There is no special application process for students with disabilities applying to NYU, although a student may voluntarily disclose their disability during the admissions process. Please understand that your disability has no impact on the admissions decision.

Faculty Questions

Federal Law requires reasonable accommodations for students who have a documented disability. In order for a student to be granted accommodations, s/he must submit documentation of a condition which significantly impacts the students’ ability to participate in the educational opportunities at NYU. Experienced disability higher education specialists review the documentation and decide on appropriate accommodations. The documentation on file at the Moses Center is kept current and reviewed periodically with the student to determine appropriate and effective accommodations. You can call the Moses Center (212-998-4980) if you have any questions about the appropriateness of the student’s accommodation request.

If you have a question about a particular accommodation, please call the student’s specialist to discuss your concern. The specialist’s knowledge of the student’s disability related needs and your input about your course requirements will be the foundation for the specialist to make the appropriate decision regarding the accommodation.

Disclosure of disability is a sensitive issue for many students. If the student discloses information to you which seems to indicate that a disability might be present, or if the student seems to be having difficulty with coursework or access to university facilities which is related to a more obvious disability, you can encourage the student to contact the Moses Center. The request for accommodations, though, must come from the student. You may consider including a statement on your syllabus about the Moses Center. A sample syllabus statement is below.

Academic accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities. Please contact the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities at 212-998-4980 for further information.

Please feel free to call the Moses Center office at any time at 212-998-4980 with questions or concerns regarding students with disabilities at NYU.

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