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Programs & Activities Without Substances

Programs and Actitivies Without Substances (PAWS)

Programs & Activities Without Substances (PAWS) is a pool of money set aside to help student groups sponsor substance-free activities at NYU. The central purpose of PAWS is to provide alternative, substance-free opportunities during the weekend or other times of high alcohol and other drug consumption.

Typically, Resident Assistants (RAs), Commuter Assistants (CAs), and student club members organize events for students using these free funds from the Health Promotion office.


In order to increase the chances of your event being funded, please read and complete the application thoroughly, follow the guidelines, and provide as much information as possible. Applications are assessed by a panel comprised of student leaders and at least two professional staff members who may fund requests in full, in part, or not at all.

To be considered for PAWS funding, programs must meet several of the following criteria:

  • Occurs during times when students would traditionally interact with alcohol (Thurs., Fri., Sat. nights after 9:00 PM).
  • Engages a substantial number of participants (15+).
  • Promotes interaction throughout the activity. For example, a Broadway show would not be funded (starts before 9:00 PM, is not interactive); galactic bowling (can start later, is interactive and more conducive to socializing) more likely would.
  • Provides a unique experience. For example, taking your floor residents out to dinner would not be considered unique, but holding a themed intra-residence dinner/mixer for the entire hall more likely would.
  • Co-sponsored by a second NYU student organization, team, club, or residence hall.
  • Includes a component that encourages cross-cultural interaction.


  • You must fill out a PAWS application for funding (up to $300.00).
  • All applications must be received at least two weeks before the event date.
  • The deadline for all applications is Friday, May 1, 2015.
  • A committee will review all the applications, and funding will be awarded to those programs that best meet the goals of PAWS.
  • Notification of funding will be sent within 1-2 week’s time after turning in an application

  • Only one application will be accepted per event.
  • RAs, student leaders, and clubs may receive PAWS funding only once per semester.
  • All event publicity must indicate that the event is being funded by PAWS. If approved for PAWS funding, a JPEG graphic of the PAWS logo and support statement will be provided by the HPO for inclusion on all promotional materials.
  • If the venue has alcohol present (i.e., gallery event, bowling), no participants may consume alcohol during the event and no PAWS funds may be used for alcohol.
  • A copy of the event’s advertisement must be submitted with the original receipts.
  • Funding cannot be provided for rental of equipment, publications, marketing, or travel expenses.
  • Funding is awarded to the event, not to the applicant. You may not change the event and still use the funding without prior approval from the Health Promotion Office. To do so forfeits reimbursement of funds.


  • PAWS does not dispense cash advancements or advance payments. PAWS will only reimburse program funds that provide receipts.
  • To be reimbursed, RA and student leader programs must present ORIGINAL documentation (receipts, invoices, etc.) for reimbursement. Student clubs registered with the Center for Student Activities, Leadership, and Service must present COPIES of all applicable receipts/invoices, along with the "Non-ASSBAC Cosponsor Agreement" form.
  • Receipts must not be more than $300.00 in order to be reimbursed within two weeks after the event.
  • If an individual receipt/invoice is over $300.00, it will take 4-7 weeks for a check to be issued by NYU Accounts Payable.
  • At the time receipts/invoices are delivered to the Health Promotion Office, the program contact must fill out the “PAWS Disbursement & Reimbursement Form”. Funding will be forfeited if the receipts, etc., are not received within 2 weeks after the event.

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