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Health Leaders

The Health Leadership program at NYU is a premier leadership opportunity sponsored by the Health Promotion office at the Student Health Center. A select group of students, Health Leaders are full-time NYU undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing who are trained to facilitate intervention that engages their peers in opportunities for risk reduction and creates an environment that supports personal, academic, and community wellness. Health Leaders can be requested by other students and organizations to provide programming and outreach on a variety of health topics.

Program Approach and Focus

The Health Leadership program embraces a risk-reduction philosophy. Thus, Health Leaders serve as allies for health and wellness by facilitating the setting and achievement of accessible personal wellness goals with their peers. Training in various health topics and resources enable Health Leaders to promote healthy behaviors through outreach events, workshops, and media initiatives.

Through a variety of strategies, including bystander intervention training called Action Zone!, the Health Leadership program seeks to create norms for mutual helping and responsibility, as well as a foundation for a caring community ready to assist others in a variety of situations.

Training Content Areas

  • Brief Motivational Interviewing
  • Bystander Intervention

  • Cultural Competency

  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Mental Health

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Safe Zone Training
  • Sexual Health/Safer Sex Practices
  • Sleep and Time Management

  • Stress

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Contact Information

726 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Telephone: (212) 443-1234

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm
Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed


Contact the Health Promotion office.

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