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Ask the Sexpert

Ask the Sexpert

Got questions about sexuality, sexual health, safer sex, intimacy, or anything else related to sex? Ask the Sexpert, a sexual health educator within the Student Health Center who provides an online, confidential Q&A forum for current NYU students. Just email your questions to the Sexpert at You can also email the Sexpert to schedule an appointment to meet in person. All communication is confidential. Don't be afraid to ask your question - the Sexpert has heard it all!

Our Philosophy

The Health Promotion office supports the belief that every single person is entitled to feel pleasure and enjoy one's own body, regardless of gender or whether one is in a relationship or not. We employ a "body positive" model, which means that people are encouraged to be familiar and comfortable with their bodies. This is important not just for self-pleasure but also for health reasons, so that people have a strong awareness of their bodies, are better able to notice anything unusual, and can take measures to stay healthy. The "body positive" philosophy applies to all people - whether or not one is sexually active.


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Health Promotion (HPO)
Contact Information

726 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Telephone: (212) 443-1234

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm
Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

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