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Insurance Payment Options


NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plans are annual policies. If students enroll in an NYU-sponsored plan before the September 30th fall deadline, they may choose from the following payment options:

A. ANNUAL PAYMENT IN FULL at the time of fall registration, with no insurance charge at spring registration.

Students will continue coverage through August 20th, even if they are not registered for spring classes. (However, they will not have access to services at the Student Health Center after January 8th for January graduates and after graduation for May graduates.)

Students cannot get a partial refund of the spring/summer portion of the annual insurance charge after the September 30th enrollment deadline.


The first payment due at the time of fall registration, and the second due at spring registration. The spring insurance charge is higher than the fall insurance charge because it includes payment for coverage over the summer months.

Students will be automatically enrolled in the same plan and billed the spring/summer health insurance charge if, and only if, they are registered for classes or maintaining matriculation for the spring semester.

Students who are not registered for classes or maintaining matriculation for the spring semester will have their insurance coverage end on January 8th. Click here (PDF) to review options for continuing coverage.

The insurance charge cannot be prorated separately for spring and summer.

Whether payment option A or B is chosen, students may not change plans until the beginning of the next academic year.


Students enrolling dependents in an NYU-sponsored health insurance plan before the fall term enrollment deadline may choose the installment payment option. For students choosing this option:

The policy coverage is annual and the spring term payment is required in order for coverage to be effective and continuous through August 20th of the following year.

Students will receive a 30-day notice before their fall coverage ends with a request for payment for the spring term coverage.

Students must send the appropriate payment for the spring term by January 8th. If no payment is received by January 8th, a letter will be sent informing them that their dependent coverage has been terminated.

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