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International Students

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Health insurance is required by the University and is a necessity in the United States because of the very high cost of healthcare. When you are registered for classes, you will be charged automatically for the NYU-sponsored Comprehensive Plan. You will remain enrolled in that plan unless you complete the online enrollment/waiver process before the semester deadline.

Students have an option to:

  • Waive the NYU-sponsored plan if you maintain other insurance coverage that meets the University’s criteria described below, or
  • Downgrade your coverage to the Basic Plan. (Students may only opt to downgrade coverage when first registering for the academic year.)

University Criteria for Waiving the NYU-sponsored Student Health
Insurance Plans

If you maintain other insurance coverage that is equal to or greater than that of the Basic Plan, you may choose to waive the NYU-sponsored plans.

To avoid being obligated to pay for two health insurance plans, please do not purchase another health insurance plan before it is approved. Your waiver will not be processed until Student Health Insurance Services confirms that your insurance plan meets the University’s requirements.

Some examples of comparable coverage include:

1. The insurance company must be headquartered and operating in the US, with a US claims address and customer service telephone number.

2. The insurance coverage must remain in effect from:

Insurance Effective Dates
August 21st through August 20th of the following year
January 9th through
August 20th
May 14th through
August 20th

3. The plan must provide inpatient hospitalization benefits in the New York City area including mental health benefits.

4. The plan must provide outpatient benefits in the New York City area (including office visits, outpatient mental health visits and laboratory and radiology procedures). Coverage for emergency only care does not satisfy the requirement.

5. The maximum benefit payable under the insurance plan must be unlimited. The insurance plan must include coverage for medical evacuation of at least US$15,000 per year; repatriation of remains of at least US$7,500 per year; and a deductible not to exceed US$500 per year.

The following types of insurance plans will not be acceptable for waiving the NYU plans:

  • Travel policies with limited benefits and exclusions of coverage important for a college population.
  • Insurance plans that always require students to pay for treatment out-of-pocket and then be reimbursed.
Student Feedback
Insurance Enrollment and Waiver

Waiver Process for F-1 and J-1 Visa Status

After completing the online waiver process, you must submit insurance plan documentation to Student Health Insurance Services for review. Plan documentation must include:

  1. A copy of your insurance ID card, and
  2. A copy of your insurance policy, in English, indicating:
  • The date that insurance coverage begins and terminates
  • Any deductibles, copayments and other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Plan benefits
  • Exclusions

(Based on the information provided, NYU reserves the right to deny your waiver request.)

Documentation may be submitted:

  • In-person or by mail:

NYU Student Health Insurance Services
726 Broadway, Suite 346
New York, NY 10003

If your waiver is approved, the Bursar will be notified to remove the insurance premium from your account.
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