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Healthcare Financial Counseling


The NYU Graduate Medical Emergency Fund assists graduate students who are experiencing financial hardship due to unusually large unpaid medical bills. In order to qualify for the Graduate Medical Emergency Fund, the student must meet all of the following criteria:

  • is a full-time graduate student at New York University;
  • maintains coverage in a health insurance plan;
  • has exhausted insurance and other financial resources;
  • has unpaid medical expenses exceeding $4,000 related to a catastrophic, acute or chronic illness or injury;
  • has not submitted a previous application within the current Fund Year.

Students who are interested in applying for the GMEF must:

  • Download and complete the Application for GMEF (PDF) and the Authorization for Release of Health Information (PDF) forms. These forms are also available at the Insurance and Patient Accounts Office at 726 Broadway, Suite 346, or can be requested at
  • Contact the Insurance and Patient Accounts Office at (212) 443-1010 or to make an appointment with a financial counselor.
  • Bring the application, Release of Information form, and all other supporting documentation with you to your appointment. Be certain to make a copy of all documents for your records.


A representative will assist students in locating local, state, and disease specific programs that offer financial assistance with prescription medication.

  • The staff will assist students in completing all forms required by the company/program.
  • Students must present the application to the prescribing provider and request that the provider completes any additional documentation and prescription(s) required by the company/program.

A helpful resource for information about programs that offer financial assistance for prescription medications is


Installment payments can be arranged for students with outstanding balances services received at the Student Health Center.

  • The outstanding balance must be greater than $100
  • The student is given the option of paying the full amount in 2 or 3 installments.
  • Installment payments are not available for students who are graduating within 4 months.

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Insurance and Patient Accounts
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Student Health Insurance:

Telephone: (212) 443-1020

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