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'12-'13 Student Health Insurance Refund

We want to return money to you.

Dear NYU Student or Class of 2013 Alumnus,

I can all but assure you, this will be different from any other letter you have received from NYU: we are writing to say we want to return money to you.

The refund comes from the remainder of money that developed in the student health insurance program during academic year 2012-13.

Insurance rates are set, for the most part, to reflect the cost of health care, which has mostly been rising, as well as utilization. In 2012-13, both because we were able to hold down some costs and because utilization was less than predicted, there is remaining money.

The University and its student health insurance administrator, Consolidated Health Plans (CHP), have set up a system to let you claim a refund.  Students from the Student Senators Council have been consulted during this process.  The refunds will vary from person-to-person, based on whether you participated in the student health insurance plan, which specific plan you chose, and whether there were dependents enrolled.

Button: Claim Refund

Your refund check can either be sent to a mailing address, or can be picked up at the NYU Bursar office.

More good news – we will be announcing premiums for the student health insurance plans for 2014-15, and they will be lower than this year. Further details to come.

While I am sure the refund will be well received, I do want to make a point. At the Student Health Center, we aim to ensure that NYU students are healthy and well, and we have created a wide array of resources to keep them that way, including a highly cost-effective student health insurance plan. Over the course of years, the trend has been for utilization to increase. This refund notwithstanding, higher utilization is a good thing: we want students to make use of our health care programs.

We hope our alums are doing great things and we wish our students a successful end to the semester.


Carlo Ciotoli, MD
Assoc. Vice President for Student Health and
Exec. Dir. of the Student Health Ctr.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2012-13, the utilization rate was lower than predicted, producing a positive balance that will be returned and distributed according to the terms of an experience rating refund agreement with our student health insurance plan carrier.

All matriculated students in 2012-13 will receive a small refund if enrolled in the mandatory plan, which provides limited health insurance coverage for certain hospital emergency room services and mental health outpatient visits. An additional factor is if you purchased one of the NYU-sponsored student health plans (optional plans) in 2012-13.

No. The size of the refund will vary significantly, depending on whether an individual purchased a student health insurance plan, which plan the student chose, and whether or not there were any dependents covered under the plan. If you only paid the mandatory fees, your refund could range from $3 to $5. If you purchased an Annual NYU sponsored health insurance plan your refund could range from $200 to $2,000 depending on the plan you purchased, the term(s) covered and whether you added dependents.

No. If you were a student during academic year 2012-13 and have since graduated or left, you are still eligible for a refund. 

Click on the "Initiate Refund" button on this page. You will need to enter your N# along with your date of birth in order to initiate your refund.

We wish to clarify questions that have arisen about the GSHIP refund. GSHIP students are only entitled to an insurance refund, if they paid for a mandatory plan premium covered by their student fees, and/or if they enrolled dependents and paid for their premiums. Since NYU Schools paid for the GSHIP insurance premiums, NYU will receive all other GSHIP premium refunds. If your email indicated a larger refund sum than the one on your check, it is because it reflected both NYU’s and the student’s portion. Your check amount represents the correct student’s portion.

NYU apologizes for any confusion in terms of GSHIP refund messages. 

The refund on health insurance premiums is typically nontaxable. However, situations vary, and you should consult your tax adviser regarding your individual return.  

For questions or concerns, please email or leave your name, N# (ex. N123456789) and a brief message at 1-212-443-1032.

Contact Info.

For questions or concerns, please email the NYU Student Health Center or call to leave your name, N# (ex. N123456789), and a brief message regarding your refund from the 2013-2013 academic year.


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