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Health Reminders Before Winter Break

Please take note of these important reminders regarding accessing health care during Winter Break or if you are graduating, transitioning your health care needs and understanding your insurance options as you leave NYU.

Graduating this semester? Click here for important information.

Hours of Operation during Winter Break

1. Will the Student Health Center be open or closed during Winter Break?

The Student Health Center (SHC) will close for Winter Break at 5:00pm on Friday, December 20 and be closed Saturday, December 21 through Wednesday, January 1. The SHC will re-open at 8:00am on Thursday, January 2.

Hours of operation will change during Winter Break.

Click here (PDF) for a complete listing of Winter Break hours (Jan. 2-25).

Regular hours of operation resume Saturday, January 25, 2014.

Medical and Counseling Services

1. I saw a health care provider recently and need follow-up care. What should I do?

Get follow-up care NOW from an SHC health or mental health care provider, including the results of lab tests, prescription refills, or any other services at SHC that cannot wait until you return from Winter Break. Please do not wait until the last minute or we may be unable to accommodate you.

For Medical Services: Call (212) 443-1000 or log on to

For Mental Health Services: Call (212) 998-4780

Please Note: If you are graduating and:
- Have a medical or mental health condition that requires continuing care or;
- Need a prescription renewal... will not be able to utilize these services after January 8, 2014.

It is important that you work with your SHC provider on a plan for transitioning your care outside of the SHC before January 8. We recommend that you do this before Winter Break to ensure that you have enough time to make the appropriate arrangements for your care.

Click here for further information on transitioning your care and your insurance options.

2. Can I still get a flu shot?

It’s not too late to get vaccinated and we have plenty of vaccine still available for all students. You will need to get your shot before December 20 since the SHC will be closed during Winter Break. There are two ways to get vaccinated:

  • Check our website and attend one of our flu vaccine outreach events around campus.
  • Schedule an appointment at the Student Health Center by calling 212-443-1188 or make an appointment online at

3. What if I have an urgent medical or mental health or emergency need during Winter Break when the SHC is closed?

While SHC is closed for Winter Break, in case of a life or limb-threatening emergency, dial 911 to contact local emergency services.

Urgent Medical Needs:
While the SHC is closed for Winter Break, call the SHC main number, (212) 443-1000 to speak with a triage nurse. He or she will speak to you about your symptoms and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Urgent Mental Health Needs:
While SHC is closed for Winter Break, call the Wellness Exchange hotline at (212) 443-9999 or NYU Public Safety at (212) 998-2222. NYU has a team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, dedicated to assisting students with crisis - including counseling, hospital transport, coordination of care, and follow-up.

4. What if I need to speak with a counselor while the SHC is closed?

When SHC is closed, call the Wellness Exchange hotline at (212) 443-9999. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will be available during Winter Break. Although walk-in hours and appointments for counseling will not be available during Winter Break, an NYU Crisis Response Counselor (CRC) is always on-call to manage any urgent concerns. The CRC can be paged, if necessary, by calling the Hotline at 212-443-9999.


1. How do I get more contact lenses and supplies before Winter Break? 

If you get your disposable or other contact lenses at SHC Optometry Services, check to ensure that you have enough contact lenses and related supplies to last you through Winter Break. If you need to replenish any supplies, call Optometry Services at (212) 443-1260 for assistance.

Please Note: If you place an on-line order for contact lenses while the SHC is closed, the order will not be confirmed until the SHC re-opens from Winter Break on January 2, 2014.


1. Can I get medication at the SHC Pharmacy during Winter Break?

The SHC Pharmacy will be closed from Saturday, Dec. 21 through Wednesday, Jan. 1, and will reopen Thursday, Jan. 2.

If you are currently taking medication (for example: antibiotics, antidepressants, asthma medication, birth control pills) prescribed by a health care provider at SHC:

  • Be sure you have enough medication to last throughout Winter Break.
  • If you do not have enough or think you might need an extra prescription for a medication that you take on an on-going basis:

- Make an appointment or
- Send a secure message by logging on to

Important Note: If you can’t make it in for a refill before Winter Break, you won’t be able to get your medication from another pharmacy while on break unless you transfer your prescription. You will need to do this before the SHC Pharmacy closes on December 20 at 5:00pm

2. How do I refill my prescription before Winter Break?

To refill your prescription before Winter Break, stop by the Pharmacy during regular business hours – click here for hours (PDF).

3. If I can’t get into the Student Health Center before Winter Break how do I transfer prescriptions to my hometown pharmacy?

To transfer a refill of your current prescription from the SHC Pharmacy to your hometown pharmacy:

Please contact the pharmacy in your hometown where you want your prescription transferred before December 20.
- Provide your pharmacy with the name of the medication.
- Ask them to call the SHC Pharmacy at 212-443-1050.

Student Health Insurance

What if I need medical care when SHC is closed for Winter Break and/or I am not in NYC?

If you are enrolled in an NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (Basic, Comprehensive, and GSHIP Plan):
If you require non-emergency* medical attention while SHC is closed for Winter Break, you may visit a health care provider without an SHC referral. Seeking services from providers in the MagnaCare or MultiPlan Networks will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You can locate a MagnaCare or MultiPlan provider at

Please refer to your Student Health Insurance Handbook for coverage information or call Consolidated Health Plans, the insurance plan administrator, at 1-877-373-1170.

* In case of a life or limb-threatening emergency while SHC is closed for Winter Break, dial 911 to contact local emergency services. No SHC referral is required.

Have a safe and healthy Winter Break!

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