During the Fall 2018 semester, NYU students participated in the emergency management internship program within the Department of Public Safety. From researching infectious diseases to creating database platforms, they’ve learned the ins and outs of emergency management from the team that serves the NYU community every day. To learn more about student opportunities within our Emergency Preparedness & Continuity division, email emergencymanagement@nyu.edu.

Becca - Intern, College of Global Public Health

Becca - Masters of Public Health - Epidemiology College of Global Public Health, 2018

1. Why were you interested in the internship?

I became interested in emergency management after taking Global Health Disaster Preparedness and Response with Dr. Robyn Gershon. Dr. Gershon and I formed a great relationship and she connected me to this internship opportunity. NYU is a unique university with its urban campus in the middle of the busiest city in the world. I was interested in learning more about how NYU prepares for potential threats and keeps track of the diverse student population.

2. What projects did you work on?

I worked on creating an infectious disease annex for the NYU Student Health Center to prepare for potential outbreaks such as Ebola, measles, mumps and seasonal influenza. This involved details such as confirming who would be in charge if an epidemic occurred in the NYU population, what supplies would be needed, and where alternative vaccination distribution centers would be located.

I am also currently working on an Ebola prediction model for the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo that began in August 2018. The purpose of this model is to estimate where the disease could spread without proper containment and vaccination protocols in the setting of major social and political conflict.  

3. What did you learn?

I learned that preparing a university like NYU, that has such a large and diverse community, is truly a team effort and takes the contribution of all stakeholders to build up the resilience of the entire system. There were many times that I felt that I had thought of every detail and a fresh pair of eyes would suggest something I had never thought of. Everyone in the Department of Public Safety has been so kind and has made me feel comfortable to ask questions, make suggestions and try out new ideas even if they didn’t always work out. I am very grateful and appreciative to have been given an opportunity to work with this team.

Homer, Student Intern, Wagner 2020

Homer - Masters of Public Administration - Profit and Non-Profit Management - Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, 2020

1. Why were you interested in the internship?

This internship was a great opportunity to explore both the public and private portions of emergency management. As an intern, I was able to explore business continuity, strategy analysis, and risk management, which are elements that align more closely to for-profit organizations. As for the public sector, certain aspects of the internship had me focus on population safety, preparedness, and response in regards to varying levels of disruption and emergency’s that may occur at NYU campuses domestically and abroad.

2. What project(s) did you work on?

Two major projects I worked on throughout the semester were developing a database platform within the VEOCI program and a red cell analysis. VEOCI is a database system utilized to develop business continuity plans, backup strategies, and collect data throughout vast organizations with varying areas of interest. It’s a great program to learn the intricacies of emergency management and all facets considered when developing plans to prepare and respond to natural disasters, power outages, etc. A red cell analysis was a great team project analyzing open source data to inform discussions on a region’s security infrastructure for situational awareness.

3. What did you learn?

Working this past semester as an intern with the emergency management team at NYU was extremely insightful. It allowed me the chance to explore all aspects of emergency management, a hands-on experience that cannot be replicated in a classroom. I was able to meet representatives throughout NYU and New York City all of whom are associated with emergency management in many different aspects. More importantly, this internship aided in focusing my career path and accelerated my pursuit towards achieving my goal to be successful upon graduation.