Evacuation of NYU facilities can be directed for a variety of reasons ranging from fire to hazardous materials release. If an evacuation is necessary, it is important to try and remain calm to ensure your safety.

Consider the following when directed to evacuate:

  • If possible, make sure you have your keys, identification, and purse or wallet.
  • If you are in a lab, secure any hazardous materials or equipment before you leave.
  • Close the door behind you.
  • Do not attempt to use an elevator.
  • If directed by NYU DPS, proceed to a designated evacuation location. Wait at that location until an authorized NYU DPS member tells you it is safe to return.
  • If you are unable to evacuate a building due to disability, notify someone exiting the building of your location.  Notify Public Safety at 212-998-2222 of your location or call 911.
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until directed to do so by a member of NYU DPS.