NYU's Emergency Notification System

Your safety is a top priority for NYU. One of the most important tools in an emergency, small or large, is swift communication. NYU has the capability to send blast messages via text, email, or social media to your mobile device in order to provide you with direct and timely information in case of an emergency. 

All members of the NYU community are automatically enrolled in NYU Alert when beginning their academic or professional career at NYU. It is important to keep your emergency contact information updated as you travel or get new contact information. Please follow the instructions below to keep your contact information updated.

Anyone participating in an NYU-Sponsored program including visitors to campus, program participants and parents of program participants now has the ability to opt-in to NYU Alert, the University’s Emergency Notification System, to receive alerts from NYU’s Department of Public Safety on their cell phones. Emergency Notifications include information on emergency or dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students on campus. (Please note that if you or your child have an active NYU ID card you've already been included in this service.)

There are three options on how to opt-in to NYU Alert:

1. To enroll for 24 hours: Text NYUALERT1 to 67283

2. To enroll for 1 week: Text NYUALERT7 to 67283

3. To enroll for 6 months: Text NYUCOMMUNITY to 67283

Enrollees will receive a notice when their opt-in expires along with instructions on how to re-enroll. Standard text messaging rates apply. For any questions, please contact emergencymanagement@nyu.edu.

For Students:

We urge you to update your cell phone number by:

  • logging into NYUHome, searching for the Albert card, then clicking its GO button
  • For Students in New York
    • Log in to Albert, click Student Center and scroll down to "Personal Information."
    • Under "Contact Information," click "Cellular Phone" and then update the "NYU Emergency Alert" phone type.
  • For Students Studying Abroad
    • Log in to Albert, click Student Center and scroll down to "Personal Information."
    • Under "Contact Information," click "Cellular Phone" and then update the "Abroad" phone type.
  • Click the "email addresses" tab to update your e-mail addresses on file.

For NYU Faculty and Staff:

If you are an employee at the New York, Shanghai, or Abu Dhabi campuses, or an employee at a global academic center, we urge you to update your cell phone number by:

  • logging into NYUHome and searching for the PeopleSync card, then clicking its GO button
  • Once logged in, click Personal Information (under Applications)
  • Click Contact Information and click the Edit button to update
    • For Home Contact information, update your address and phone numbers as needed. All details are kept confidential and will not be published.
    • For Work Contact information, you may edit or add an additional work cell phone but the Primary Work Location, Phone, and Email Address should not be edited as these are automatically updated.

NOTE: You must select 'mobile' as the Phone Device type in order to receive SMS (text) messages on your phone.

For NYU Affiliates or those who manage NYU Affiliates:

If you are an Affiliate of the University or manage people who are Affiliates, please click here for a knowledge link that will help you update your or your affiliates' contact information.

The University will conduct one test per semester; otherwise, the system will only be used in emergency situations.  Other key sources of campus-wide emergency information include www.nyu.edu/alert, the NYU Information Hotline at 212-998-1220, uniformed Public Safety Officers, and your email inbox.

NYU Alert Q & A's

  • What is NYU Alert?
    A: In the event of a serious emergency, NYU Alert will contact registered students, faculty, and staff within minutes of a serious emergency.
  • How does the emergency system work?
    A: The service contacts you through text message, email and social media posts.
  • Will the system be tested on a regular basis?
    A: Yes. The service will be tested once each semester to ensure that the system is working correctly and to remind the NYU community of the service.
  • When will the service be used?
    A: NYU's emergency communications service will only be used in the event of a serious emergency or school closure.
  • Will it be used for other school informational updates?
    A: No. The service will only be used for emergencies and school closure information.
  • Do I need to register for this service?
    A. No. You are automatically enrolled. However, you must keep your contact information updated. To do so, click here.
  • Will there be emergency notifications made via social media?
    A: Yes. NYU will utilize the main NYU Twitter and Facebook accounts to convey emergency information, so please follow us.
  • Have additional Questions?
    A: Email emergencymanagement@nyu.edu for more information.