NYU Department of Public Safety personnel, NYU community members, and family and friends gathered at the Kimmel Center's Rosenthal Pavilion on Tuesday, July 10, to recognize outstanding achievements and service to the NYU community.

"Most times, based on the nature of our job, we do not take the time to stop at that particular moment to recognize the effort of a job well done," said Vice President, Global Campus Safety Marlon Lynch. "So this [ceremony] allows us to have an annual event where this recognition can occur and be celebrated."

Awards were presented to Public Safety Officer of the Year Brian Shea and Sergeant of the Year Angel Irizarry, along with recognition for team, partner and commendation awards. A full list of winners is below.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton was on hand for the celebration, and focused his remarks on the importance of the work the Department carries out in helping to keep NYU's community safe.

"You do an enormous amount for this university," said Hamilton. "We are safe and secure because of your efforts. We know that 24 hours a day, we can turn to Public Safety and expect the kind of attention and support you give us."

Hamilton also mentioned the Department's importance as part of the university's global network.

"You as Public Safety very much provide the structure, the support, the guidance, the advice that allows our global network university to thrive," said Hamilton.

Award winners were chosen from nominations submitted to the DPS Awards & Nominations Committee. Members of the committee for 2017-18 are: Karen Ortman, Director, Investigations, chair; Lieutenant Holly King, Communications Center; Sergeant Ed Mackey, Protective Services; Sergeant Oscar Ramos, Technical Services.

Below is a full listing of 2018 DPS Annual Award Winners.

Public Safety Officer of the Year
Brian Shea

Sergeant of the Year
Angel Irizarry

Team of the Year
Irene Cedano, Sean Hackett, William Karnadi - Emergency Management & GSOC Analysts

Innovation Achievement Award
Gregory Rivas, Transportation Services

Partner of the Year
Zoe Ragouzeos, The Wellness Exchange

Community Member Commendation
Christine Janick, Student Health Center Counseling & Wellness Services

Law Enforcement Commendation
Detective James Alberici, NYPD

Meritorious Service Medal
Sergeant Pamela Green
Sergeant William Manas

Commendation Medal
Sergeant Marie McGuinness