Uniformed personnel participating in a training session.

Annual training is provided to more than 300 uniformed personnel each October.

CALEA Campus Security Accreditation - 2019 CALEA Initial Assessment

Achieving major benchmarks this year, Professional Standards has successfully concluded the Department’s Self-Assessment Phase of the CALEA Campus Security Accreditation program, with the Commission award anticipated March 2020. CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Accreditation (CALEA), is an independent third party non-profit dedicated to the improvement of campus safety service delivery.  With the conclusion of the Department’s self-initiated compliance review, CALEA will initiate its review of the Department’s Standards Compliance program.
Planning for this effort began December 2016, with the launch of the Department’s Policy Review Committee. The Committee, comprised of representatives from DPS divisions and units, is responsible for the development of over 60 published DPS policies, procedures and written directives, and the collection of several hundred documents demonstrating compliance with the nearly 300 industry specific standards set forth by CALEA.
The Policy Review Committee meets regularly to review and recommend policies and procedures, that are presented, reviewed and approved by Division, Unit leads, University partners, and ultimately signed into effect by the Senior Vice President, Campus Services and Safety. Once the review process has concluded, all policies are distributed to DPS employees through the Department’s digital document management system, PowerDMS.
Policies and procedures address many different aspects of DPS operations, including oaths of office, training requirements, and operational standards. CALEA’S remote, online assessment is scheduled for October 2019, with the on-site, in-person assessment and inspection to take place in December 2019. If awarded, DPS will become the largest campus safety organization to achieve CALEA campus security accreditation.

Training Programs

The DPS Training Unit offers on-site training and training program development support to all DPS divisions and units.  The DPS Training Program is certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice (DCJS) and works in conjunction with University Human Resources to plan training courses and curricula for operational and administrative personnel.
The Unit, comprised of a Director, Training Programs, and a Training Sergeant, develops standards-based and policy-driven curricula and programming. Leading future implementation of the DPS Comprehensive Training Plan, the Unit recommends training programs specifically tailored to each role and unit, at the granular level, organized by Division. The plan includes employee onboarding, Management and Leadership tracks, Field Officer Training, and remedial training. Campus Security recruitment, hiring and promotions standards drive the plan’s requirements, benchmarks, and timelines.
The Department’s Annual In-Service Training (pictured at right) is the biggest training event of the year.  Over 300 DPS employees receive training on topics selected and approved by the Department’s Training Committee.  Training is delivered by the Training Unit, University partners, and Department leadership.  NYS DCJS mandates that all personnel who hold a valid security guard license must attend an annual refresher once per year for two years during the term of their security guard license. Personnel within the Department and more specifically the Training Unit maintain DCJS General Topics Instructor Security certification(s) in order to conduct these Annual In-Service courses.
In order to prepare for the upcoming CALEA assessment, specialized training sessions were incorporated into annual training.  The 2018 in-service training focused specifically on published General Orders and written directives; with courses on Access Control, Accreditation, Administration, Legal Powers and Limitations, Communications and Public Relations, Emergency Situations, Ethics and Conduct, Role of a Security Officer, and Clery and Crime Classification.
In line with the DPS core value of Professionalism, the Training Unit is looking forward to standardizing the unit’s administrative processes, increasing Training Committee engagement, and implementing the DPS Comprehensive Training Plan.

Clery Act Program Expansion

The 2019 inaugural class of the NYU Long Island School of Medicine (LISOM) resulted in an additional campus for New York University’s Clery Act Compliance Program. Professional Standards engaged NYU LISOM and NYU Winthrop Hospital leadership in March 2019 to begin integrating Clery Act Compliance activities.
As of November 2019, the Records and Compliance Unit has delivered Campus Security Authority Training for over sixty (60) campus security authorities; assessed 450 incident reports for Clery Act compliance, provided by NYU Winthrop Risk Management and NYU Winthrop Security; launched a new crime log on NYU’s website for the new campus; and, reviewed 235 locations for incorporation in the Clery Act Geography Registrar.  The 2020 Annual Security Report will capture our expanded compliance footprint and include a section dedicated to the NYU Long Island School of Medicine’s policies and crime statistics.