Public Safety team members from New York, Abu Dhabi and Shaghai standing together in Paris.

Leaders from Public Safety - New York, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai convened for the third annual Public Safety Summit in July 2019.

Campus Services and Safety

In March 2019, Marlon Lynch was promoted to Senior Vice President, Campus Services and Safety, assuming oversight of both Public Safety and Campus Services functions at NYU.
The reorganization has allowed for increased collaboration between the many units in both organizations, leading to increased operational efficiency, improved strategic planning, and enhanced service delivery for the University community. The collaboration includes:
Awards and Recognition Committee – The merging of teams has created a new entity comprised of both Public Safety and Campus Services team members, who select monthly and annual awards recipients from nominations by their peers. The criteria has been updated to be inclusive of both sets of teams.
Event Planning, Efficiency and Collaboration – The teams are leveraging each other’s strengths, allowing members from all divisions to take the lead in their areas of expertise. This has led to more inclusive planning of events, greater collaboration across the department, and increased engagement, both internally and externally.
Information Sharing and Newsletter Integration – Furthering the collaboration, DPS has added Campus Services material to its monthly newsletter, encouraging DPS employees to learn more about what Campus Services is doing and how they can become more involved.

Office of the Senior Vice President - As part of Lynch’s transition to Senior Vice President, the Office of the Senior Vice President, Campus Services and Safety Division, was created to foster the partnership between the Division of Campus Services and the Department of Public Safety. Led by the Associate Vice President, Campus Services and Safety, the Office of the Senior Vice President enables consistent, responsible, and high-quality service delivery for the Department of Campus Services and Safety in support of the NYU community by preserving the integrity of the Department, optimizing processes and services, and cultivating relationships internally and externally. It includes team members with responsibilities for a wide variety of areas, including strategic planning, research, digital communications, financial and administrative workplace services, global policy and compliance, training, transportation services, and others.

NYU Abu Dhabi

In January 2019, NYU Abu Dhabi’s Public Safety Department was installed underneath the global Department of Public Safety umbrella organization as a direct report. This status designates that the Public Safety Department in Abu Dhabi will be held to the same standards as the Department in New York, and will also begin to use the same technology, including PowerDMS - the Department’s document management system - and other materials.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation - DPS began partnering with NYU Abu Dhabi Public Safety to share and develop policies and processes in compliance with industry standards in early 2019. The two entities are collaborating on the development of a comprehensive and uniform set of written directives and practices that support the achievement of NYU Abu Dhabi administrative and operational goals. This is a means to limit the organization’s liability to risk exposure because it demonstrates compliance with best practices. This effort will include the creation of a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and Annexes for NYU Abu Dhabi’s most likely functional and incident-specific crises. Lenel, NYU’s enterprise-wide Access Control and Security System, and the local ID Card printer will both be upgraded to a newer version and model to ensure supportability and mitigate risks of service degradation.

Process Improvement and Communication - DPS is in the process of integrating NYU Abu Dhabi with the DPS records management system and PowerDMS. These integrations along with implementing additional enterprise security technology will standardize public safety operations and administration and improve service delivery for parking, transportation, events, ID card services, and comments and feedback.

In order to ensure a seamless transition, activities such as information sharing, inclusion in relevant meetings and consideration for increased or new capabilities have been conducted. Additionally, marketing of Public Safety services and safety tips have been extended to NYU Abu Dhabi, including “3 Ways to Stay Safe” popup signs and Safe NYU promotional items and materials.

NYU Shanghai

In 2019, NYU Shanghai’s Public Safety Department was designated as a dotted-line report to Lynch, bringing it closer into alignment with the global Department of Public Safety. As part of this new structure, NYU Shanghai staff engage regularly with DPS on items including, compliance, technology, emergency management, and continuity, among others.