Students walking on campus at NYU Abu Dhabi

Students at NYU Abu Dhabi interact with NYU Public Safety team members on a daily basis.

NYU Abu Dhabi Standards

With the integration of NYU Abu Dhabi’s Public Safety team directly within the Department of Public Safety in January 2019, Professional Standards has engaged our partners in Abu Dhabi to establish and implement a compliance framework comprised of policies, records management, and training.
Currently in development are a body of written directives, general orders and procedural orders. Efforts are also underway to integrate records management systems to ensure that incident reporting will be uniform and standardized. With representation on the Policy Review Committee and the Assistant Director, Professional Standards, leading the effort in Abu Dhabi, NYUAD Public Safety employees now have access to PowerDMS and will receive approved NYUAD Public Safety policies and training.
Implementing operational processes in compliance with defined industry standards will ensure a more cohesive and consistent service delivery for the NYU community globally and promote internal transparency and effective operations.

NYU Madrid

DPS collaborated with NYU’s Office of Construction Management on a large-scale renovation project to prepare for the opening of NYU Madrid’s new academic center. The DPS Enterprise Systems division installed a brand new Lenel access control system, a Genetec video management system, a video intercom system, intrusion alarm system, along with getting the security post computer set up. The Lenel and Genetec systems at NYU Madrid were also linked back to New York City for system health monitoring.

Global Security Contracts

In an effort to provide consistent service across NYU’s eleven study away sites, DPS has been working to standardize security staffing contracts, post orders and service qualifications.
Transitions to new contracts in 2019 were made in Madrid, Berlin and London, while transitions are expected to take place in Accra, Buenos Aires, Florence, Paris, Prague and Tel Aviv in 2020. The goal is to lower the number of providers from nine worldwide to five.
Contracting with a global provider helps standardize both expectations and qualifications for on-site security guards.

The standardizing of service qualifications was formalized through master framework agreement that details qualifications for all future guards, to include experience, education, proficiency in English, and other items in May 2019.
The benefits of this work include providing consistency in service for the University community, no matter where they study, creating a central point of contact for global guard service, and realizing efficiencies in cost and processes.
DPS is also developing monthly key performance indicators for global guard quality control in an effort to identify trends in complaint topics, behavior, professionalism, and procedure.

Global Safety Information Cards

In order to provide a more consistent, cohesive message across NYU’s eleven
Global Academic Centers, the Department expanded on its New York safety information card to create a version for each study away site.
In collaboration with the site directors, DPS created a visually appealing information card that included specific tips on how to stay safe at each location, while also providing basic Public Safety contacts, including the Communications Center in New York, and local contact numbers of NYU staff.
The cards indicate the best ways to ask for assistance while at the study away sites, and include links to other helpful tools, like the Safe NYU mobile app.

3 Ways to Stay Safe at NYU Sydney information card

3 Ways to Stay Safe at NYU Sydney information card

Global Security Technology Upgrades

Over the past year, DPS upgraded Genetec software at the study away sites to Genetec 5.6 from the versions that they had been running before Enterprise Systems took over maintenance of these video management systems: NYU Paris was on Genetec 5.1, NYU Prague was on Genetec 5.1, NYU Tel Aviv was on Genetec 5.4, and NYU Washington, D.C. was on Genetec 5.3.

NYU Paris and NYU Prague were brought under Enterprise Systems management and their Genetec servers were upgraded and federated back to New York City so DPS can monitor the health of the servers and the cameras.