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Co-Sponsorship Guidelines and Application

What is Co-Sponsorship?

The LiveWellNYU Co-Sponsorship Program provides support to a limited number of events, programs, and other initiatives that get NYU students involved in new activities and offer opportunities to improve their lives.


What Events or Activities Are Eligible?

To be considered for funding, events or activities must:

  • Help attendees reduce stress, improve their lives, get physically active, or do things that support their overall wellness.
  • Have a marketing or recruitment strategy to reach students who would not normally attend campus events.


Who Can Apply?

Any student can apply on behalf of an officially recognized NYU organization or group. Examples include, but are not limited, to All-Square Clubs, Greek Life organizations, Hall Council and Student Government Representatives. RAs, TAs, or CAs may also apply.


What Type of Support Does LiveWellNYU Provide?

  • Monetary: Student leaders may ask for co-sponsorship money to help subsidize up to 50% of their event’s total budget. The total requested should not exceed $10 per student expected to attend the event.
  • Product: Student leaders may request giveaway items for their event (that will include LiveWellNYU branding). Examples are water bottles, sunglasses, or sleep masks.
  • Photo Stations: Student leaders may request that LiveWellNYU setup a photo station at their event where attendees can take themed photos and then receive a printed photo and/or a digital copy of the photo.

Are there any requirements associated with LiveWellNYU Co-Sponsorship?

  • Include the LiveWellNYU stamp on all flyers and event/program materials. You will need to email with a copy of your promotional materials with the LiveWellNYU stamp applied before your application is reviewed.
  • List your event on via the event submission form
  • Take pictures at the event and post those photos on Facebook and tag LiveWellNYU, tweet them to @LiveWellNYU, or instragram @LiveWellNYU #livewellnyu
  • Email with a brief report of what happened at the event, including the number of attendees and your final budget with copies of your receipts.


How do I apply for LiveWellNYU Co-Sponsorship?

Fill out the form below and submit to no later than three weeks prior to your event. Please include a copy of your promotional materials with the LiveWellNYU stamp applied. Meeting the criteria for co-sponsorship does not guarantee you will receive financial support, products, or a photo station. A limited number of events can be sponsored and the events that do the best job of presenting plans and strategies for meeting the outlined criteria will receive first consideration.

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