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Information Alerts

Monday, Jan. 26, 2015 – 2:55 p.m.


Based on additional information we have received from the New York City Schools and transit agencies, NYU can announce now that it will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 27. Classes and other scheduled activities are cancelled and offices are closed from 4:00 pm today through tomorrow.

As previously indicated, personnel who provide essential services are expected to report for their work assignments as scheduled.


  • Kimmel: The Kimmel Center will close at 10:00 pm this evening
  • Commuter Students: Commuting students who have classes ending after 4:00 pm are advised to make their way home promptly. Those who absolutely do not believe they can make it home safely should proceed to the Kimmel Center and check in between 4:45 and 7:00 pm tonight with the Public Safety officer at the lobby desk about overnight accommodations.
  • NYU Transportation Services: Campus transportation – including Safe Ride -- will attempt to fulfill the normal schedule tonight until 10:00 pm; expect service delays.
    • Regular service: A city-wide transportation ban will go into place at 11:00 pm. We will cease regular University transportation services at 10:00 pm to enable vehicles to return to their storage facilities in time to be in compliant with the city ban.
    • Safe Ride: our normal Academy Bus Safe Ride service will be suspended due to the city-wide transportation ban. For genuine safety/well-being concerns, call the Public Safety Command Center at 212-998-2222; please understand that our Safe Ride service will be challenged by expected road conditions.


Monday, Jan. 26, 2015 – 12:40 p.m.


Due to current weather conditions and predictions for the snow to intensify, the University will close at 4:00 pm today. Based on the severity of the forecast, we anticipate that the University may likely be closed tomorrow; a final decision will be announced by 6:00 pm this evening.

All classes that begin before 4:00 pm today will be held at their assigned time for their regular duration, subject to the discretion of the faculty; all classes and activities that begin at or after 4:00 pm are cancelled unless specifically communicated otherwise.

All University offices will close for business today at 4:00 pm. Managers should use their good judgment in releasing employees with especially long commutes a bit earlier if conditions warrant.


All employees who provide essential services are expected to report for work at their assigned time. If you are not certain whether you fall into this category, please be in touch with your manager or supervisor. Bearing in mind the impact of the coming storm, you should plan your travel appropriately to ensure your timely arrival.


  • Dining services will be open at the following locations:
    • Weinstein Hall: "Downstein" until 9:00 pm tonight, reopening for breakfast at 7:00 am tomorrow morning; "Sidestein" until 11:00 pm tonight, reopening at 8:00 am tomorrow; Food Court until midnight tonight, reopening at 10:30 am tomorrow; the Kosher dining facility will be open until 7:30 pm tonight, and will reopen at 11:30 am tomorrow.
    • Palladium Hall: open until 9:00 pm tonight, and tomorrow will be open 7:00 am – 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    • Third North: open until 9:00 pm tonight, reopening for breakfast at 7:00 am tomorrow

Weather conditions are expected to worsen through this evening, and students are encouraged to get their evening meals early so they can safely return to their residence halls before the worst of the storm hits.

  • Campus transportation will attempt to fulfill the normal schedule tonight until 10:00 pm. Expect service delays. A city-wide transportation ban will go into place at 11:00 pm. Ceasing University transportation services at 10 pm will enable vehicles to return to their storage facilities in time to be in compliant with the city ban.
  • Bobst Library: the lower levels of Bobst will remain open 24 hours; the stacks will close at 4:00 pm today.
  • Coles Sports Center and Palladium Gym will close at 4:00 pm today and will remain closed while the University is closed.
  • Brooklyn Location: dining services will be open; all other facilities, including the library and gymnasium, will close at 4:00 pm today.
  • The NYU Student Health Center on Broadway will be open from 9:00-6:00 tomorrow, primarily for primary care and counseling walk-ins. Students should check the SHC website and/or call 212-443-1000 to see if other services will be available (ie pharmacy, physical therapy) as we will not know until tomorrow whether we can staff these services.


Given the severity of the weather predictions, members of the University community should take common sense precautions:

  • Try to do any necessary shopping before the snow gets heavy; the worst snow is expected to begin by 7:00 pm tonight.
  • Try to stay indoors when the weather is at its worst. If you do absolutely need to go outdoors, be mindful of the slippery conditions, cold temperatures, and high winds. Dress accordingly.
  • Charge all devices ahead of time, just in case. Have a flashlight and batteries handy.


There are multiple resources for members of the NYU community to keep abreast of the decision about whether the University will be closed tomorrow, as well as other news about University operations, schedules, and closings:

  • Monitor your NYU email account
  • Bookmark and frequently check, the University's principal resource for information during emergencies. The NYU Info Alert page will have the most detailed information.
  • Follow NYU's Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Call the NYU Information Hotline: 212-998-1220


On-Campus Emergencies

These numbers are reserved to report true emergencies.

  • Public Safety: 212-998-2222
    (x82222 from campus phones)
  • Fire, Police, and Medical Assistance: 911
    (9-911 from campus phones)

Recorded Updates

Messages are updated during an active University alert.

  • 212-998-1220

Parent Helpline

Available 9:00am - 5:00pm ET Monday - Friday when the University is open. Emergent inquiries should be directed to 212-998-2222.

* This number is answered when the University is open; however, we do attempt to respond to e-mails during university closures.

The Public Safety phone number, and the recorded updates phone number are on the back of the NYU ID Card.

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