The purpose of this program is to ensure petroleum bulk storage tanks (PBSTs) are managed in NYU facilities in accordance with all applicable regulations and Industry Best Management Practices to prevent releases. In addition, the program must document compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Tanks (PBSTs) include aboveground tanks greater than 1320-gallons and underground tanks of any size used for fuel oil storage.
  • A Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan has been implemented that has facility-specific procedures in place that prevent spills from occurring and, if a spill does occur, provide procedures to control the release in a manner that minimizes impact to the human health and the environment, and ensure all applicable regulatory agencies are notified.
  • Environmental Health and Safety must be notified of releases outside tank containment and of any planned removal, renovation, maintenance or emergency that may involve a Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank.