Environmental Health and Safety conducts compliance assessments throughout the University to ensure compliance with federal, state and local environmental, health and safety regulations. These internal inspections are conducted periodically throughout the year and cover all locations where hazardous materials are used, including laboratories, clinics, art departments, the Cogenration Plant, and maintenance areas throughout the University. Follow the links below to view some of the questionnaire's used at these facilities.

Art Department Questionnaire (.DOC)

Dental Clinic Questionnaire (.DOC)

Laboratory Questionnaire (.DOC)

Maintenance Area Questionnaire (.DOC)

EHS also conducts annual third pary compliance audits to ensure our internal EHS team and the Univesity as a whole is within compliance and beyond, for federal, state, and city regulations.


Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

A Job Hazard Analysis, sometimes called a Needs Assesment, can be requested at any time for a job task conducted by faculty, staff, or students. If a particulat job task is new or modified and safe procedures are unclear, EHS can assist to develop Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) by conducting a JHA. Whether in a ,aintenance facility or shop, art area, or lab EHS can assist to make that job safer.

When considering a request of a JHA, the first step is to discuss the issue with your supervisor or professor. It's possible that safe operating procedures are already in place for the task at hand. With your supervisor's knowledge and input a request for a formal JHA should be made to EHS by emailing the department at ehs@nyu.edu.