To support New York University’s teaching, research, and service missions, Environmental and Health and Safety (EHS) assists NYU around the world to meet its responsibility to protect students, employees and the environment and to provide a safe and healthy place of employment and learning. Environmental Health and Safety includes Fire and Life Safety. Melisa Puglisi is Director of Environmental Health and Safety and she can be reached at 212.98.1438 and at

Environmental Health and Safety provides occupational and environmental health and safety services to all faculty, students and staff, including maintaining compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety, environmental conservation and protection, and laboratory safety. Environmental Health and Safety also provides emergency response, technical support, information and training programs, and environmental health and safety consulting and auditing services.

Fire and Life Safety’s mission is to ensure the safety of the New York University community through the interpretation of fire protection codes and standards and the application of engineering principals. This is accomplished through the review and approval of drawings and technical documents for the construction of new buildings as well as the review and approval of similar documents for alteration/renovation, of any size, in existing buildings. In addition, this unit investigates university facilities to ensure that fie risks are minimized. James Gillespie is the Global Manager of Fire and Life Safety and can be reached at 212.998.1423 and at