Updated: September 22


New spaces added on Sept. 14!

NYU is providing students with dedicated Study Spaces and Remote Learning Spaces where you can actively participate in online classes. Reservations are for student-use only. Please note that you will need to bring your own device and charger as these are not provided. The availability of electrical outlets varies by location.

Find and reserve available seats via Book a Study Seat on the NYU Mobile app.

Reservations are required to help keep the community safe and ensure physical distancing. Please be prepared to show your NYUCard, Reservation ID number, and Daily COVID-19 Screener. NYU safety and health protocols must be observed, including proper mask use and 6 ft (2 m) physical distancing. Note that no food or beverages aside from water will be permitted.

NYU Study and Remote Learning Spaces

Remote Learning Spaces

Need to take a remote class while already on campus? Reserve a seat in a Remote Learning Space.

In support of fellow students who need to attend a remote class near their next appointment, we kindly ask that recurring reservations are only booked for remote learning, and you cancel your reservations if your plans change.

When joining a class, please use headphones and headphone mics to limit distractions to fellow students.

Study Spaces

Need a quieter place to study? Reserve a seat in one of NYU’s dedicated Study Spaces. These spaces are designated for individual study. These spaces are designated for individual study or completing asynchronous courses.

Detailed Instructions

Neighborhood Study Spaces

NYU also has partnered with local businesses to provide free Neighborhood Study Spaces—reservable seats in designated NYU areas of cafes, restaurants, and other partner locations—all within walking distance of campus.

Available weekdays during daytime business hours, these shared Neighborhood Study Spaces mirror NYU’s health and safety protocols, but please be aware that separate areas will be in use by business staff and may not be as quiet as the NYU Study Spaces described above.

Detailed Instructions

Rules and Etiquette for Reserved Spaces

Seat Reservation Etiquette

  • You must reserve a seat in Remote Learning or Study spaces.  Make sure to use only the space you have reserved to avoid confusion with other students.
  • If you do not intend to use your reservation, please cancel it so that the seat is available to another student.
  • If you have an asynchronous course or a synchronous course in which you are not expected to actively participate (such as a lecture), please reserve a Study Space seat in order to preserve Remote Learning Space seats for students who need to participate in class.

Space occupancy rules

  • All NYU health and safety protocols apply in all of the spaces listed above, including the requirement to wear a mask at all times and maintain safe social distancing; entry will require authorization through the NYU Daily COVID-19 Screener.
  • No eating or drinking in any reserved seating area.  These are not spaces for eating meals.
  • While you may fully participate by speaking in a Remote Learning space, you must use headphones, earbuds, or some device other than your computer’s speaker.  Please be mindful of your speaking volume.
NYU will monitor reservations in order to provide all students an opportunity to reserve a seat within these spaces.


For assistance booking a seat or using the reservation app should contact the NYU IT Service Desk 24x7 at AskIT@nyu.edu or 212-998-3333.

If you have problems with an NYU facility, please contact the Client Services Center by emailing contactcsc@nyu.edu.

If you experience problems with a Neighborhood Study Space, please notify the on-site Community Manager.

Student Public Health Ambassadors and Public Safety Officers will also be available on site to answer questions and provide information.  Students who wish to report university public health and safety violations at Study and Remote Learning Spaces can do so through the PHAs, Public Safety, or by emailing covid.compliance@nyu.edu or student.conduct@nyu.edu.